Dr. Morepen Glucometer for 100 Tests

Dr-Morepen Gluco One BG 03 100 Strips Kit

Blood Sugar Gluco One BG03 strips with Machine

Brand: morepen
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Dr. Morepen
Condition: New
Price: ₹1999 (Including Tax)
Medical Devices

This product includes One Glucometer Device with 100 Test Strips.  Dr. Morepen Glucometer BG03 100 Gluco One Test Strips Free Shipping Diabetes Blood Glucose Test Strips - Get Your New Dr. Morepen® Meter‎ Make diabetes management easy. Buy the Dr. Morepen® Active meter online today.

Product Description

Dr. Morepen Glucose Meter

Kit Includes:
Dr Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Gluco Meter Machine
(25x4) or (50x2) means a total of 100 Test Strips
Dr Morepen BG03 Blood Sugar Diabetic Glucometer's Strips (100)

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucose Meter Demo Link  

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Product Details

BG03 Stips 100 (25*4) or (50*2) strips Pack. 

Please note This pack containing 100 strips with a Glucometer Device

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