RD Service for Mantra - Register Device Service Registration of Licence Key for Mantra MFS100

RD Service for Mantra - Register Device Service Registration of Licence Key for Mantra MFS100

Register your Mantra Devices for RD Service

Brand: mantra
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Mantratec
Condition: New
Price: ₹354 (Including Tax)

RD Service Mantra MFS 100

Register your Mantra Devices for RD Service
Get register your Mantra MFS 100, Mantra MFS 200 and Mantra 3G Wifi TAB for RD Registered Device Services.

Enrol here for RD Servicer Registration of your single fingerprint biometric device of Mantra with model MFS 100, MFS 200 and AEBAS Mantra MFS Tab. Just pay a nominal subscription fee and after confirmation of payment, you will receive a Registration Link where you will have to Provide your details with addition to Serial Number of your unique device to get register your Mantra MFS 100 Biometric Device on the server. So, it could comply with the norms of UIDAI for authentication of Aadhaar.

Register RD

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Product Description

RD Registration Service for Mantra
Models - Mantra MFS 100, Mantra MFS 200, Mantra MFS TAB - Registration Service

Radium Box is authorised distributor of Mantra MFS 100 and your online partner for providing you with all support regarding Registration of your Mantra MFS 100 USB Single fingerprint device. You will have to pay a nominal fee and then you will receive a unique link for the registered device service or RD Service and after submission of the eKYC details with your Mantra MFS 100 serial number you will receive a confirmation notification from the manufacturer of Mantra MFS 100. Registration of your device will make your device and the Aadhaar infrastructure more secure and useful for our country. You could register any Mantra MFS 100 device at our company web portal whether it has been purchased from Amazon, Snapdeal, Radium Box, Shopclues, Flipkart, PayTm, Reseller, Retailer or Manufacturer of Mantra. Please remind that you will not receive any License Key instead of that your device will be get registered under RD Services for Aadhaar authentication use.

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