Morpho RD Service

RD Service for Morpho - Register Device Activation Licence for Morpho MSO 1300 E E2 E3

Morpho RD Service

Brand: idemia
Warranty: 2 Years
Manufacturer: Morpho
Condition: New
Price: ₹499 (Including Tax)

We are providing RD Licence Service for OT Morpho idea of fingerprint modality and all Models such as MSO 1300 E, 1300E2, 1300 E3 to turn Public device into a UIDAI complied Registered Device for Aadhaar. You will have to fill the registration form which you will receive just after purchasing of RD Services from radiumbox with your complete details and device serial number and we will register your device as Registered Device under UIDAI for Aadhaar. For only registration or activation code kindly fill this the RD Service Form.

Kindly cross check your serial no. of device. as there will be an Alphabet also.

Register RD

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Product Description

As you know that Lakhs of people are using Morpho fingerprint scanner in India for Aadhaar Authentication, but recently UIDAI Government of India implemented Aadhaar Authentication 2.0 and eKYC 2.1 API which will require only Registered Device. Registered Device will eliminate the possibilities of storing the fingerprint scan of any person on the device or in their ecosystem. You may need to download OT Morpho SCL RD Service Application which is free to download via Play Store. RD Service is not work in the as standalone application so it will need some other application of telecom companies or other also. Your smartphone must be OTG Supported if you are using on the phone. We will provide the registration form and then you will provide us your details with Machine Serial number, then after we will let you get OTP so you could register your device. Devices which has been purchased via market places such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart eBay should buy RD Services from Radium Box. With OT Morpho SCL RD Service you can: 1. Register MSO1300 E, MSO E2, MSO E3 and CBM Models 2. Use MSO1300 E, MSOE2, MSO E3 and CBM Models in Auth2.0 &eKYC2

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