Radium Box deals in all types of FIPS Certified PKI USB Tokens as well as STQC Certified and UIDAI approved single fingerprint USB biometric devices which conforms to established the International Security Level for protection of your Identity and Credentials such as Digital Signature Certificate and Aadhaar related eKYC.
We do not endorse any company. The companies of the product we have listed on our live website for online sells in India after getting approval of the OEM or their authorized distribution network and they have agreed to offer Quality Technical Support along with assurance that their products will be available on demand. Most of these companies are trying to manufacture their products under Make in India programme.
If you are a hardware OEM or part of authorized distribution network, we will be more than happy to integrate your product in our eco-system.

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Our all devices which we manufacture or Import is a most demanded for E-Commerce, E-Government, Digital Currency, E-Banking, financial and retail sectors are accelerating utilization of digital information resources every day in India.

We deals in USB Tokens such as – ePass 2003 Auto, mToken, Proxkey, Safenet etc.

We also deals in all types of Biometric devices such as – Cogent, Morpho, Startek, Mantra, Secugen etc.

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