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Biometric in Neurotechnology (DMIT)
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What is DMIT?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (D.M.I.T.)is the scientific investigation of fingerprint patterns of an individual that helps in finding out the true potential of an individual along with personality.

Medical experts have confirmed and approved that D.M.I.T. provides a detailed assessment of an individual’s intellect and potential. The use of Biometric in Neurotechnology for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (D.M.I.T.)is good and scientific innovation in the present world.

For whom is D.M.I.T. for?

For Children (Age Group: 3-10 Years)

D.M.I.T. helps the parents to understand the character and traits of their child, discover their unique abilities, and nurture them accordingly for the abilities to develop.

The test also helps parents customizing the education needs of their children to suit their children the best.

For Students (Age Group: 11-17 Years)

With the growing competition among students and career options the parents, as well as the children, gets confused towards the identification of their true talent and passion. Consulting with a career counselor and astrologer is the traditional way parents deal with this problem but seldom understand the scientific process involved in it.

D.M.I.T.assesses the intrinsic potential of a student's brain by comparing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and understanding the analytical and creative capacity of the mind. It personalizes your activities based upon the multiple intelligence factors and suggests a path that is best suited for you based on your multiple intelligence factors.

For Professionals (Age Group: 18 Years and above)

D.M.I.T. helps a professional identify the inborn character and traits present in them. Help them develop the core competencies so that a professional can find a profession best suited for them. D.M.I.T. helps identify the leadership style that suits an individual the most.

With the help of multiple intelligences, D.M.I.T. provides insights into an individual's management styles. As it is important for a new professional for identifying their strengths and weaknesses D.M.I.T. provides an edge to them.

For Adults (Age Group: 25 Years and above)

In this phase of life, people are often concerned with the relationship with their loved ones. Understanding the needs of your partners, communication with closed persons in his/her life. All these can be better understood by taking the D.M.I.T. tests that will help an individual in developing a healthy communication system and improve bonding with your close ones.

For Corporates (Human Resources)

This is the primary objective of the human resource department in the corporates to find the right person for the right job. The D.M.I.T. helps the human resource team in the pre-employment screening process.

Human Resource Team can judge a candidate's leadership style, planning, and execution-style and hire those employees who are best suited to the company's needs. It helps the HR team also to conduct a survey on employees to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's employees.

For Teachers and Educational institutions

The D.M.I.T. helps teachers and educational institutions design an appropriate model for their courses for the ease of understanding of their students.

It also helps the education institutes to include extra-curricular activities with their modules to help students in developing innate abilities through D.M.I.T. Remedial classes for students with learning disabilities will also be more effective after D.M.I.T.

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