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USB Tokens CSP Upgrade of ePass 2003!

CSP Cryptographic Service Provider Version!

CCA Guidelines issued for Tokens and other PKI Device will be effective from 01st July 2018.

We would like to thank you for working with Radium Box and want to share you the news for USB PKI Tokens and PKI Devices including but not limited to ePass 2003 Tokens.

As you must be aware, new CCA Guidelines issued for Tokens and other PKI Device will be effective from 01st July 2018. All PKI USB Token and devices must follow the new security architecture advisory of CCA and due to this all USB Tokens i.e. epass 2003, ePass 2003 Auto, TrustKey, Aladdin SafeNet, Proxkey, Gemalto will be ineligible for keeping or downloading of New Digital Signature Certificate. We request you to consume or liquidate all types of USB Tokens or PKI Devices on or before 1st July. From Now onwards we will only provide CCA Compliance USB Tokens from our website.

We are offering upgradation of old USB ePass 2003 tokens of Feitian to comply with new norms and specification of CCA, Gov of India.

Fietien Inc. has done changes in ePass 2003 tokens according to these new guidelines and to implement those from effective date (1st July 2018) the CSP version (Cryptographic Service Provider Version) which you select while downloading DSC in ePass will be changed.

Due to this change, DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) can’t be downloaded in existing tokens post implementation of these guidelines for which the current effective date is 1st July 2018. For the users who have DSCs already downloaded in the Tokens, will keep on working without any changes.

For the new DSCs download after 01st July 2018, you need to have ePass with new CSP version could be purchased from Radium Box website from 01st July 2018 or else you can upgrade the CSP of your existing ePass 2003 Tokens by paying a small fee to make them compatible with the new guidelines & CSP. This CSP version upgrade is chargeable and could be paid via this link and process to upgrade new CSP will be shared with you after implementation of guidelines via remote support.

Earlier sold ePass 2003 Tokens could be replaced from our office by paying a fee if they are in bulk hence don't worry for your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) earlier token stock will be replaced with new stock.

Click the button to register for remote support for CSP Version upgrade.

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PKI USB Tokens:

Name of the Brand




ePass 2003









Gemalto FIPS





We are providing software update service of following devices for comply CSP Version (Cryptographic Service Provider) for following devices

USB PKI eToken

Feitian - ePass 2003 / ePass 2003 Auto Update the upgraded driver software of ePass 2003 and ePass 2003 Auto. You could buy new upgraded ePass 2003 eToken from our online eshop. Old ePass 2003 USB eToken could be used after an upgradation which will be guided and assisted by our tech team via remote support. If you want to know more about why, when and how to update your ePass 2003 Auto USB Token then please call us. Upgraded new version of ePass 2003 USB eTokens drivers could be downloaded from here

WatchData - ProxKey Radium Box is a Licensed Registering Authority of Safescrypt Certifying Authority (Sify) in India. This is India’s first Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) under the IT Act 2000. We are doing our best with very passion in field of Digital Signature Certificate Software since long.

SafeNet - Alladin 72 Pro Buy new ePass 2003 Token with CSP Version v2.0 as v1.0 will no longer supported in India as per CCS. Safenet eToken PRO is FIPS 140-2 and 3 certified USB eToken with EAL4+ (smart card chip) and Tamper-resistant casing used in Income Tax efilling, GST registration, GST filling, eProcurement, eTendering, IEC - Import Export Code, DGFT Digital Signature Certificate..

TrustKey Token For EXIM, exports and Imports a DGFT Digital Signature Certificates is required to digitally sign any documents in electronic format or for transactions being performed through a web-browser on the DGFT website or portal. It is mainly used by the Exporters & Importers registered with the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) in India. DGFT Digital Signature Certificates are required in apply for licenses electronically and digitally sign online license applications. Without Digital Signature Certificate we can't transfer data on DGFT portal

mToken USB Tokens - FIPS 140-2 level 2 Certified Tokens All Digital Signature Certificates must be safely downloaded to a hardware named USB Tokens. Radium Box provides FIPS 140-2 level 2 Certified USB Cryptographic Tokens. We deals in most types of USB Tokens viz. Moserbaer, Aladdin 72K, ePass 2003 Auto and TrusKey, Gamalto etc.

Gemalto USB TokenGemalto USB Token Digital Signature Certificate is required by EPFO (Employees' provident Fund Organization) for online transfer claims. Digital Signature Certificate make the data transfer process very transparent and efficient. Subscribers can now submit his claim through present or previous employer. With help of Digital Signature Certificate login on portal allows to view, verify, correct, approve and submit the requests online. Authorized person of the organization login EPFO portal is must required to have a valid Digital Signature Certificate for online submissions

MoserBare ePass2003 supports Private CSP and Microsoft CSP. For older windows users must install new patches released to enable the option ‘Microsoft CSP’.  Private CSP is provided by FEITIAN, the CSP name is “EnterSafe ePass2003 CSP v2.0”.  Microsoft CSP means Microsoft Base CSP (Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider), it supports Minidriver. We could provide you the new CSP Version Support via remote desktop with the newer instalation package. But for this service you will have to pay a small fee and after that your USB Token will be able to use on every system perfectly.

" Process to upgrade your USB Token:
First do a payment via below link afterward you will receive a email and SMS with a shedule appointment for online remote support, one of our executive will take you on remote and will upgrade your USB Token to CSP New Version.


As you know that We have introduce the new ePass Update Algorithm, using these now you can also update the Tokens with Digital Certificate inside the Token. Before using these algorithm please change your ePass Tokens Admin password (SO PIN) to "entersafe" to enable the ePass Update Application to update the token. In case you do not know the existing Amin Password please get in touch with the partner/organization from where you purchased the token. They can get the Token updated for you. In case of any issues kindly get in touch with our tech team from where you purchased the token. Regards,

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