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Use Biometric Fingerprint Device for enrollment Start an Authorized Service Provider for PAN card

Want to get PAN Franchise?
PWant to get PAN Franchise? Start your Online/Authorized PAN Card Centre of Unit Trust of India (UTIITSL). Apply for PAN Card of all type of person whether Individual, Firm, Company, Society, Trust, AOP, and BOI in the earliest possible time. As you know that in India PAN Card is a Must for almost all Banking Transactions, Loan approval, any types of financial transactions, for MCA, Digital Signature Certificates. eTendering, eProcurements, and many more. Radium Box is now offering you to become a part of Digital India initiative with Skill Development mission to become a successful businessman.

You will be authorized as PSA (PAN Card Service Agent), Online PAN Agent and VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs) For the collection of PAN applications at various places including suburban and rural most areas of India, Radium Box is appointing various Channel Partner or Associates primarily for distribution and Collection of PAN Form49A and CSF of the applicants as PAN Card Center. The applicants fill up the form as per the guidelines available on the PAN application forms and submit the same or courier to Head Office of Radium Box.

Introducing ePAN an easiest & fastest way to generate PAN number with minimal charges There is also a provision in the PAN application form to indicate the option for physical PAN Card & e-PAN Card.

1. If Physical PAN Card is required : If the applicant opts for physical PAN Card, then physical PAN card will be printed and dispatched at communication mentioned in the PAN application. It is in the form of the laminated plastic card consists of ten digits alphanumeric Permanent Account Number of Income Tax Department.

2. If Physical PAN Card is not required : If the applicant opts for physical PAN Card is not required. In such cases, email ID is mandatory and e-PAN Card will be sent to the PAN applicant at the email ID. Physical PAN Card will not be dispatched in such cases. In case if an applicant is not able to provide email-id then PAN application can be accepted for dispatch Physical PAN Card, and fees accordingly should be charged..

As per the ePAN applicants choice, epan should be printed in colour copy or on PVC cards for temporary purposes, wholly depends upon applicant wish (for this software links also available at our website/ mark link here)

PSA VLE will have to fill the partner form with full KYC and bank details and photograph, and details of payment confirmation, after payment confirmation you will receive a signed professional agreement with term and condition on which you will have to stamp with Signing and courier post us the hard copy for further formalities. After verification, we will send the request for addition to UTIITSL for the approval and then we will add you on UTI portal. After successful addition, you will receive a confirmation email with user credentials. We strongly recommend you to change the password on the very first login. Can first login we request you to navigation and take a tour of all links and check your profile and notification. You will provide complete training of portal by our tech person via remote desktop. Your primary duty is to enroll, register the resident by the entry of data can UTI portal and after that scanning of Forms, Photograph Signature and Aadhar card.

Under the special offer registration fee is free of cost till the next notification. PAN (49A) Regular /Correction Application for Individual Indian and Overseas Clients - in a single lot

Physical Pan Card Tokens

For 50–Rs. 105.00 per token

For 100-Rs. 104.00 per token

For 200- Rs. 103.00 per token

E-Pan Card Tokens

For 50–Rs. 70.00 per token

For 100-Rs. 69.00 per token

For 200- Rs. 68.00 per token

Application Forms –Rs. 2 per unit (minimum order 100 nos) Services offered PSA VLE is: Acceptance of New PAN/Change or Correction Application (Form No 49A) for Individual, Organisation, and NRIs. Linking of PAN card with Aadhaar. Manpower Required Minimum one official required at PAN Card center. The staff of the center must have knowledge of taxation, operating systems, and general hardware, preferably should be well educated.

PSA VLE should be at a prominent place with adequate space for discharging operations.


Minimum 1 computer systems / Laptop with following configuration: 2GB Ram, Pentium IV Processor 2.8 Ghz, Intel Mother Board PIV, 40 GB HDD* 2, 1.44 MB FDD, Key Board, Optical Mouse, Internet connection

Scanner / Printer

HP / Epson

Desk Jet / Laser printer

The operating staff will be required to undergo training via Remote Desktop. For further queries regarding discrepancies over PAN should be raised to the concerned Zonal officer of the UTI India. No commission will be paid for those PAN applications which will be received beyond UTI defined TAT. Tax Information Network (TIN), a repository of nationwide Tax related information, has been established by Unit Trust of India (UTI) on behalf of Income Tax Department of India (ITD). TIN is an initiative by ITD for the modernization of the current system for collection, processing, monitoring, and accounting of direct taxes using information technology. UTI has appointed RadiumBox as PSA to appoint VLEs further. All the physical documents should be dispatched within 30 days of enrolment to our head office in Delhi, otherwise, VLE ID will be held & further activation is chargeable.

Compliance of Rules & Regulations

The VLE must follow the Service Standards / Guidelines prescribed by UTIITSL and Radium Box. The procedure for acceptance of 49A PAN Card Form, maintenance of back-up and purging policy should be followed strictly. Hard copy must reach our office on the fortnight basis.

PAN Card Application Process Work Flow
Application for lost or changes in Pan Card.
Step 1
Basic infrastructure requirement: PAN card coupons to its Distributor cost in Rs. 107/- in advance. VLE shall download the form through web site : www.radiumbox.com VLE had to prepare Stamp for PSA CODE. VLE can trace the Pan Card application status through site i.e.www.radiumbox.com.

Step 2
VLE will fill up PAN Card application form for the customer as per the instructions given in the form. VLE will have to sign on application form and fill the Pre Form entry on his Live Portal. VLE will issue acknowledgement to the customer.

Step 3
VLE will have to write PSA code (allotted to him) on the top of the application form. VLE has to write AO code / AO Type / Range Code / AO No. in the given column of Application form. For AO Codes for your circle kindly ask for the assistance. VLE will courier the collected forms to Radium Box Corporate office every week.

For housing a PAN Card Centre, the following infrastructure is mandatory.
Basic infrastructure requirement

• Office space of minimum 100 square feet.

• A landline phone

• Availability of drinking water, drop box, sitting place, proper ventilation, lighting, housekeeping etc.

• Computer with internet connectivity.

• Should have more than 2 staff.