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What is RD Service?

RD Service is transformation of your biometric device such as fingerprint device or iris scanner into L0 Registered Device comparision to Public device. This ensures a secure communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions using Aadhaar.

Is RD Service registration is required?

RD Service registration is Mandatory as per norms and new guidelines of UIDAI - Gov. of India.

What type of documents has been released from UIDAI regarding L0 L1 RDServices?

Document on RDService from UIDAI Authentication API 2.0 specification can be read here - Link.
The RDService Registered Device Specification can be read here - Link.

From where I could register my biometric fingerprint device as RD Service?

You could register your fingerprint scanner such as Morpho MSO 1300e/e2/e3, Cogent CSD 200/200i, Mantra MFS 100, StarTek FM220 from Radium Box by following this link.

How much does it costs for the RD Service Registraion Biometric device?

Fees of RD Service registration depends upon the tenure of the service optd for, such as for year and the type and Model of your device, you have to pay Rs. 290 to Rs. 900 depending upon said factors.

What type of information required for the registration of the biometric device?

Device Name, Model No. and serial number of device is mandatory requirement for RD Service Registration in addition with KYC details of the buyer.

From where I could get the said serial no. of the device I am using?

Device serial number could be find at the back side of the device and you could follow this link to understnd better.

How would we know that our Device has been whitelisted / mapped / registered?

You will receive a notification about registration status of you device over the email or SMS both.

What is the process of registration of Morpho under RD Service after getting confirmation notification of whitelisting?

The steps involved in RD Service installation process are really simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Download and install Register an account
  2. In case of Cogent CSD 200 you will have to put in the OTP
  3. If you are biometric device is not listed in server of OEM you may get error of "Sent to OEM" from our side, it means you will have to wait for additional 7 to 10 day's
  4. The next step is the approval step, which usually takes about 3 to 7 day's.
How much time it will take to get registered?

Here, approximately at Radium Box , we take very minimal time, 90% of cases mostly done within 24 to 72 working hours, regardless of any restrictions, such as Device Name, Model Number, etc.

Why get RD Service from Radium Box?

There are a number of reasons why you should join us:

  • We are the authorised distributor of all leading OEM of Biometric devices such as Mantra, Morpho, Cogent, StarTek, Secugen, Nitgen etc.
  • Fast response/approval times. We do on fastest time.
  • We make our best effort in to resolve all types of critical cases where even OEM denies in prima facy .
What are the payment options for RD Service Online?

The best way to transfer funds is via PayU. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.

What type of devices currently available for RD Service at Radium Box online?

Currently we are providing services for Idemia OT Safran Sagem Morpho MSO 1300 e e2 e3, Cogent CSD 200, Mantra MFS 100, StarTek FM 220, Secugen Hamster Pro 20.

What type of devices currently available for RD Service at Radium Box online?

There are a number of reasons behind RD Service or Registered devices Service which point a remedy to erase the use of stored biometrics in the cache. In comparison to public devices RD Service has following features-

A. Identification of Biometric Devices – RD Service registration allows us to track the use of Aadhaar, Identification of users and able us to get the analysis of data to get rid of frauds related to Aadhaar.
B. Purging of stored biometric data – RD Service Online also allows us to delete, eliminate or purge the stored biometric data of residents which will ensure that all data will be encrypted in the transit for the validation under Aadhaar and during signing withing the biometric device at the time of live data capturing of Indian residents.
C. Certification - RD Service ensure the certification of biometric device by OEM via their Management Server. It actually authenticate the device credibility and ensure its capability of purging for fraud management.

How to register rd service?

For registration of rd service, you will have a genuine STQC certified biometric device and its serial number. You will have to contact your seller or OEM or you may visit the Radium Box RD Service Registration page where you will have to pay a small fee. You will have to give your contact details and email ID. After registration, you will receive an email and SMS and you may use your biometric device for Aadhaar authentication. 

is rd service free?

No, RD Service is paid service which comes with a Management Server fee, OEM data maintenance which handshake with UIDAI and a whole year of full remote installation support.

RD Service Online Morpho

Which Morpho biometric devices and their models are certified as a Registered Device?

The Morpho MSO 1300 series with e, e2 and e3 is certified as a Registered Device.

For which level Morpho devices has been certified for RDServices?
  • Currently only L0 certification.
  •  We will inform you as soon as we will get confirmation about rdservice registration to L1 form Morpho.
From where we could get the Registered Device Service help documents?

Integration Document on RDService for Morpho could be downloaded from - Android installation guide. The RDService Registered Device Specification can be read here - Windows installation guide.

From where we could download the RDService Software for Morpho MSO 1300?

RDService Software for Morpho could be downloaded from -
• Android RDService Morpho.
• Windows RDService Morpho.

What are the compatible browsers to support sample html file RDService zipped software?

Supported Browser for RDService Online Internet Explorer IE 9/10/11, Google Chrome and FireFox Mozilla

What to in case if Serial No. of Morpho is not visible or unreadable?

You will have to download software from our download section and then you could know the serial no. of your Morpho Fingerprint Scanner.

What to do in case of Data decryption Failed / Time Stamp?

You will have to Change Time zone and then reinstall the software again. .

What to do in 999 Internal error case?

Application and device are not registered in same environment so connect it.

If you are getting error i.e. Device does not make minimum security with UIDAI?

It means your mobile software is not supporting.

Check for service availability error?

Kindly check the server or network.

If getting Device Registration failed?

This indicates that device is not registered properly. .

527# error

open setting >application setting>sclRD> Clear cache after restart system .

999 Safity Net Intigrate

Update Your Mobile software and google applications or try using the biometric device. .

Device Not Whitelist in Management Server

Forward to rd integration/download fresh driver. .

Error In Server Connection?

Forward to rd integration/download fresh driver. .

Not In ready state In Jeevan Pramaan?

Download new version of jeevan praman also change in system Varriable environment .

Payment made Not registered

Share email id entered database or mail us. .

Issue with Paytm

Kindly download version of 2.7 .

521# Issue in Device registration

Device not registered yet, wait for 3 -7 working day's. .

No Single Device Registrered Yet

Not registered properly .

Your Device is not registered with UIDAI ,contact vendor error.

Reinstall latest version of app and buy after unplug the device so that it can registered. .

Firmware Detail

Due to older version of morpho driver installed in the system .

MSO API Running error.

Visit emitra app then running morpho driver! .

How to whitelist Morpho Device?

To get your device whitelisted click on the below link,

RD Service Online Secugen

Which biometric device models are certified as a Registered Device of Secugen?

The SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 ( HU20 ) is certified as a Registered Device.

Are the Hamster IV and Hamster Plus device models certified as a Registered Device?

No, these device models are not certified as a Registered Device. If you wish to use a Registered Device, the Secugen Hamster Pro 20 is the only device model to use.

Is the Hamster Pro 20 device certified for Level 0 or Level 1?

The Hamster Pro 20 is currently certified for L0.

What platforms is the Registered Device supported on?

The SecuGen Registered Device is supported on Android versions 4.4 and higher and on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Where can the RD service binaries be downloaded from?

The binaries can be downloaded from

Where can the device drivers for Windows be downloaded from?

The device drivers can be downloaded from

What is the registration process for the device before it can be used for Aadhaar authentication?

The device needs to be registered with the SecuGen Management Server as well as with UIDAI before it can be used for Aadhaar based authentication . This will be done automatically by the RD Service software and generally does not require any user intervention. The RD Service Management Client also provides ways to activate a device manually if required.

How do I check if my device has been registered?

The registration of your biometric device should happen automatically on both Windows and Android if you are connected to the Internet. You can check this by using the RD Client tool on Windows and the RDTest tool on Android.

My biometric device has not been registered automatically. Can I register it myself?

Yes, in case your device has not been registered automatically, you can register the device yourself. On Windows you can use the 'Activate Device' functionality on the RD Client tool. On Android you can use the 'Init' functionality on the RD Service application itself. You will need an Internet connection to register your device.

Does the RD Service need the Internet to operate?

The RD Service connects to the SecuGen Management server on a periodic basis for functions such as device registration, certificate issuance and update checks. If the RD service cannot get the information it needs in order to proceed with the biometric capture, it will fail the biometric capture. Thus the RD Service needs the Internet in order to reach a consistent internal state.

What functionality is handled by the Device Provider and what is handled by UIDAI?

The functionality of registering a biometric device and issuing a device certificate is handled by the Device Provider. The RD Service also provides the core functionality of biometric capture. The UIDAI server on the other hand, provides the functionality of authenticating the biometric data captured by the RD service against its own database.

Where can I read an overview of the

Please read the document at for this.

My company network and system policies are preventing the RD Service and the Management Server from being accessed on my system and through my network. Are there any guidelines on how to hand

Please read the document at for this.

How do we contact SecuGen for support ?

SecuGen can be contacted for support on Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM. Tech support can be contacted on phone by calling +91 84343 84343 Alternatively, an email containing details of the problem may be sent to

What is Customer Care Number for Secugen Biometric Support?

For Secugen Hamster Plus and Secugen Hamster Pro 20 related support, you may call on +91 84343 84343.

Mantra RD Service

What is the process of RD Services Mantra registration?

Registration of Mantra Fingerprint Scanner MFS 100 for RD Service via Radium Box is really simple. You just have to put your kyc and details of biometric device details such as machine serial in the given link of online form and within 3 to 7 day's your device will be registered.
once the RD Service registration has been done you will a confirmation SMS or email or both.

Which models of Mantra tec is eligible now for L0 RD Service registration?

As of now Mantra MFS 100, Mantra MFS 200 and Mantra MFS Tab is eligible for the RDService Online Registration.

What is the latest version of RD Service?

As of now L0 is maintained to its latest version. This ensures its smooth RD Service operation.

What is Error Code 700 or 1140 during biometric device installation?

Error 700 or Error 1140 indicates Capture Timeout which is mainly due to improper placement of the finger. So its easy solution is to place finger properly within the predefined time period. 

what is 1142 error of Mantra MFS 100?

Error 1142 also known as Unknown Sensor while using Mantra MFS 100, if happened due to RD Capture call without the registered device. So Registered your device using Mantra Management Client or by using this link

StarTek RD Service

What is the refund policy for RD Services?

Refund of RD Service fee on Radium Box is really simple. If your machine serial is invalid then you will have to wait for few days, however you may ask for the refund also, but once the RD Service registration has been done or OTP has been provided you can't be able to request for the refund.

What is the Startek FM220U Customer Care number?

You can reach Radium Box on +91 84343 84343 for Startek FM 220 U installation and RD Related issues.

How to install Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner?

First, you will have to download the all-in-one driver of Startek FM220U and then Register RD Service

How much Startek FM220 U costs?

Startek FM 220U price is approximately in the range of 1400 to 1600 + GST normally, you can buy from here.

Nitgen RD Service

Is network of NitGen is Proxy Enabled, is proxy server is supported by UIDAI for RDservice?

Yes, RDservice supports Proxy, it supports Password based Proxy, you will just have to enter IP and port of the Proxy server in applications config file. Just install a utility “SetProxyAuth.exe” which will be available in RD Service for using password based proxy, then it will accept username and password and the password will be saved also securely.

How to resolve following error - Unable to resolve management Server Or Our network does not allow DNS resolutions to unknowns sites?

These errors are occurs, when RD service is not able to resolve the IP address of management server. In such cases, you need to add our IP address under your DNS servers, or you can follow following steps to get it working on the local computer.

What are the compatible browsers?

Supported browsers - IE 9/10/11, Mozilla Firefox

What are the functions of Management Server?

The Management server is the bridge in between RDService and UIDAI Server it actually helps in authenticating of biometric device.

  1. Device Register DeRegister Management
  2. Key Rotation Management
  3. Versioning Update Management
  4. UIDAI Public key and Certification Management
  5. Devices and Customer Repository Management
  6. RDService & Device Authenticating Management (with Access Token and OTP)

Cogent RD Service

Which device of Cogent is ready for RD Service currently?

Cogent CSD 200 and CSD 200i is eligible for RDService Registration at this point of time.

Will I get any OTP for the activation of RD Service of Cogent CSD 200?

Yes you will receive One Time Password (OTP) for the activation of Cogent CSD 200 RD Service.

Fow how many years we could do the registration for RD Service?

You could choose for One, Two or Three years as the validity of RD Service Registration.

Next Biometric RD Service

Is Next Biometrics is STQC and L0 Certified for Aadhaar Authentication?

Our STQC certified fingerprint reader is ready to be used in the UIDAI ecosystem. With its replaceable cable, it connects with notebooks or Android tablets and POS terminals with equal ease.

The reader comes with an STQC certified Level-0 Registered Device Service. NEXT also provides a Biometrics SDK with FRR tested algorithm to enable continued use of an existing RD Service.

  • STQC certified
  • Level-0 certified

Tatvik RD Service

Tatvik Biometric or Biosystem do have STQC Certificate?

Yes, Tatvik Biometric or Biosystem has STQC Certificate for Tatvik TMF 20.

Is Tatvik biometric made in India?

No, Tatvik biometric is not made in India, its an imported device.

Microconn RD Service

Is Microconn an STQC Certified Device?

Yes Microconn Single finger device is certified by STQC Government of India for Aadhaar UIDAI.

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