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Digital Signature Certificate
Digital Signature - DSC by Radium Box, we provide Integrated Digital Security Infrastructure for Encryption with Signing, Digital Signatures & Certificates Authentication using PKI Public Key Infrastructure.

Radium Box provides Integrated Digital Security Infrastructure for Organisations to secure their database, and in line we provide Digital Signatures Certificates of Encryption with Signing, Authentication using PKI Public Key Infrastructure and Aadhaar authentication with biometric Fingerprint Scanning Devices.

Digital Signature Certificates Radium Box is Registration Authority of multiple CA of India
  1. Sify SafeScrypt CA - Licensed Registering Authority
  2. Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd. Certifying Authority
  3. vSign - Verasys Technologies CA
  4. PantaSign - Pantagon Sign Securities
  5. eMudhra Limited
  • Radium Box is a Licensed Registering Authority of eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt, Capricorn, vSign, PantaSign Certifying Authority (CA) under law of Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) Government of India under the IT Act 2000. We are doing our best with very passion in field of Digital Signature Certificate Software since 2008 for Digital Signature Certificate for MCA 21 / RoC e-Filing / DIN
  • e-Filing with Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory for companies under MCA 21 program of The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The subscribers have to acquire RCAI Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for Director Identification Number DIN also. All authorized signatories must have Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. In India most of the e-Filling is done through Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), CWA and Tax Consultants and Advocates Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Tendering, e-Procurement and e-Bidding
  • EXIM Digital Signature Certificates for Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  • For EXIM, exports and Imports a DGFT Digital Signature Certificates are required to digitally sign any documents in electronic format or for transactions being performed through a web-browser on the DGFT website or portal. It is mainly used by the Exporters & Importers registered with the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) in India. DGFT Digital Signature Certificates are required to apply for licenses electronically and digitally sign online license applications. Without Digital Signature Certificate we can't transfer data on DGFT portalUSB Tokens - FIPS 140-2 level 2 Certified Tokens
  • All Digital Signature Certificates must be safely downloaded to a hardware named USB Tokens. Radium Box provides FIPS 140-2 level 2 Certified USB Cryptographic Tokens. We deal in most types of USB Tokens viz. Moserbaer, Aladdin 72K, ePass 2003 Auto and TrusKey, Gemalto etc.EPF - Employee Provident Fund Online Transfer Claim requires Digital Signature Certificate
  • Digital Signature Certificate is required by EPFO (Employees' provident Fund Organization) for online transfer claims. Digital Signature Certificates make the data transfer process very transparent and efficient. Subscribers can now submit his claim through a present or previous employer. With help of Digital Signature Certificate login portal allows users to view, verify, correct, approve and submit the requests online. Authorized person of the organization's login EPFO portal is required to have a valid Digital Signature Certificate for online submissionsDigital Signature Certificate for e-Filing Income Tax Returns. e-Filing with PAN encrypted Digital Signature Certificate on the Income Tax e-Filing portal has been made mandatory for Firms and Individuals whose accounts are required to be audited u/ s 44 AB of the Income Tax Act' 1961. For others who do not come under the above category, e-Filing Income Tax returns can be done with Digital Signature Certificates also. If filing is done electronically using digital signature, there is no need to submit a physical copy of the return. A physical printed copy of the filled up Form along with the copy of the Provisional Acknowledgement Number of your e-Return has to be submitted if your efilling in not signed with Digital Signature Certificate.
SMS Format for Mobile no. authentication

Your request for a Digital Certificate with eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt / PantaSign / vSign / Capricorn has been enrolled with the request ID [REQUESTID] and your email ID [EMAIL ID] as seen in our records. Please proceed for your mobile verification by sending an SMS to given number with the following text

Please find the enrolment process for eKYC and the issuance process
DSC process for e-KYC Individual:
  • No need to validate any information which has been fetched from UIDAI like Telephone Number, postal address etc
  • All information which has been entered manually has to be validated like E-Mail address, PAN Number etc
  • For PAN Number you can verify from the below url: Verify Now!
  • No physical documents are required for Individual certificate; however documents are required for Organisational certificate
Enrollment Process :
  • Subscriber will do the enrolment using Aadhaar based
  • All required information are prefilled from Aadhaar to the enrolment page
  • Subscriber can enter PAN Number if required.
  • Subscriber can enter any other information which is not fetched from Aadhaar like Telephone number or Email id and submit the request
Issuance Process :
  • PAN number to be verified
  • Verification process for Mobile number and Email Id if entered manually
  • Mobile Verification -> Client can sent SMS or call to our toll free number
  • Email Verification -> eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt will sent a verification url and the subscriber has to approve it
  • LRA will approve the request and submit the request to eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt / PantaSign / vSign / Capricorn CA after the validationLRA will approve the request and submit the request to eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt CA after the validation
  • eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt / PantaSign / vSign / Capricorn RA will validate and approve the DSC if there is no discrepancy
DSC process for e-KYC Organisational :
  • Application will take only subscriber name and photo from the Aadhar and rest of the fields has to be filled manually
  • Email and Mobile verification will undergo as per the above process
  • Set of Business registration documents are required as per the CCA Identity validation guidelines
DSC Digital Signature Certificate–PKI Services -Public Key Infrastructure

Radium Box as a licensed Registration Authority (RA) of eMudhra / Sify SafeScrypt / PantaSign / vSign / Capricorn, who are authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Government of India, to issue legally valid digital certificates. Through our Radium Box Network, we provide PKI Services to individuals, companies and government organizations.

Radium Box Provides

We as RA of CA under CCA, Gov.of India offering following solutions and services

Digital certificates serve as your identity in the digital world. We issue the following types of certificates

  • Personal Digital Certificates (Class 3 for Company, Individual, Government type)
  • Web Server (SSL) certificates
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • eFiling: filing of online forms on MCA portal, online filing of Income Tax/eTDS returns, Patent Application e-filing 
  • eTicketing application: IRCTC
  • eProcurement - of all Government Websites
  • GST - Goods and Service Tax Registration
  • EXIM - IEC - Export Import Code
This includes the following services
  • Managed PKI Services: We provide a managed PKI Solution that enables you to issue and manage digital certificates for your employees, partners and associates. Outsourced infrastructure and administration makes this type of PKI deployment quick and cost-effective.
  • PKI Offerings: PKI suite to manage the cryptographic keys and digital certificates that make up the digital identities in organizations
Desktop Security DSC
Our digital signing and encryption solutions provide protection by making files confidential and tamper-proof and providing assurance regarding the authenticity of the source. These include the following:
  • File Signer
  • File Verifier
Application Security :
  • Form Signer: All types of PDF Form signer is available for Form 16A and all.
  • E-Signer: eSigner is available
Radium Box Business Value
  • Radium Box is the one of the largest Registration Authorities in India with over 100 partners, and we have issued over 10,000 digital certificates in India.
  • Best Price in the market with better Services.
  • All range of Digital Signature Certificates available.
  • Off hour support on crucial efiling dates
  • Dedicated team for issuance of DSC.
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Digital Signature FAQ's

What type of Digital Signature is required for CBSE Schools to upload LOC?

You will need a B type Class 2 Organisation Certificate.

What is Type B Digital Signature?

Type B Digital Signature denotes that it has been issued to a Organisation. 

Is it mandatory to get Digital Signature in USB tokens?

Yes, It is mandatory.

What type of Schools will require Digital Signature?

All types of Schools will need Digital Signature who are affiliated from CBSE, whether they are Private Schools, Government Schools or run by a Trust or Society.

Can I still buy Class 2 Digital Signature?

Class 2 Digital Signature is now obsolete from 1st January so you can’t use in India, buy instread Class 3.

How digital signature created?

A digital signature can be created as aadhaar based paperless DSC, pan based paperless DSC, GST based paperless DSC

For all of them e-KYC of individual/organization required, depends on the type of DSC 

For complete procedure, please call/whatsApp-+91 84343 84343

How digital signature works?

Digital signature works to provide you high level of security for your online transactions by guaranteeing absolute privacy.

How digital signature used?

Digital signature most popularly used for signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, MCA, and other government websites. e-commerce documents, legal documentation, MCA e-filing, Income Tax e-filing, LLP registration, GST application, IE code registration, Form 16, E-tendering, Patent and trademark e-filing, MCA e-filing, Customs e-filing, E-procurement, E-biding, E-auction and sharing documents that are highly confidential and contains information that needs to be protected. 

How digital signature looks like?

Digital signature looks identical to pan paper signature, 

Why digital signature required?

Digital signature adopted by various government agencies & is a statutory requirement of various applications.

Digital signature required to assurance of non-repudiation.

//Digital signature requires authenticating your identity electronically.

Which type of digital signature is best?

Digital signature is the best way to authenticate your data in encrypted form.

For further query mail your requirement to [email protected]

How many algorithm digital signature consist of?

Features of digital signature

cost saving


strengthening security


secure authentication


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