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RD Service Online - Radium Box specialises in providing hassle-free Registered Device Service (RDS) for biometric devices viz. Mantra, Morpho Startek & Secugen fingerprint & Iris Scanners. As per UIDAI new guidelines only RD registered L1 devices can be used for biometric authentication, so soon L0 devices will stop working. We offer easy online registration for fingerprint devices with OEM & UIDAI, ensuring secure, encrypted data transmission without storage. Register your biometric devices online with free remote support from Radium Box today!

RD Service Online - Register / Renewal

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RD Service Online from Radium Box is available for Registration of Morpho MSO, Mantra MFS, Startek FM220, Secugen Pro20, Cogent CSD200, Precision PB510 etc.

Radium Box, the biometrics expert is also the RD service provider for all available biometric devices (Iris/ Fingerprint), which may help you to apply for renewal/registration in a quick and easy way at the best prices.

As per UIDAI (Aadhaar) standards only registered biometric devices can be used for Aadhaar Authentication/eKYC transactions. For a quicker registration procedure and end-to-end security at all levels, including sign-in, biometric capture (user preview), and data encryption, RDonlineService provides UIDAI certification/ authentication to the device.

But in order to have the device properly activated, further settings may be needed on the server, end-user desktop, or mobile before or after RD online renewal. In this case, our committed, skilled technicians will assist customers in getting their devices activated.

Customers and end users can register their fingerprint devices with UIDAI using the Registered Device Service (RDS). This service is necessary for eKYC and Aadhaar authentication.

All biometric rd devices, including Morpho MSO 1300 e e2 e3, Mantra MFS 100, Cogent CSD 200, StarTek FM 220, SecugenIndia Hamster PRO 20, Precision, Digital Persona, Nitgen, NEXT Biometric and many others, whether used on a client application or via the Aadhaar API, should install RD Service Registration and obtain RD Service online activation from us. Mantra RD Service Recharge done at our portal very instant.

After successful Radium Box RD activation, all the requisites software/ drivers are available in our download section, you can find the updated drivers/ API for rd installation by clicking RD Service Downloads.

Radium Box is providing Aadhaar Registered Device RD Registration for STQC Certified Biometrics Devices that will be used by UIDAI, Government of India, under the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits, and Services) Act, 2016 ("Aadhaar Act"). Please click on thislink to answer frequently asked questions about online Service Registration.

Online RD Service Registration Functions & Standard Terms -

1. Any other applicable taxes will be levied on a case-by-case basis.

2. This will only cover the device upgrade and key rotation to comply with UIDAI Registered Devices.

3. You will have to pay extra to extend the OEM warranty against manufacturing faults. Any damages caused by mishandling, burns, corrosion, or any damages caused by exposure to chemicals, fire, water, etc. are excluded from this.

4. There is no option to alter and submit the form, so candidates must carefully fill in all important information. The candidate can modify his or her registration details as many times as he or she wants, but once those details are submitted, no further changes will be allowed.

5. For each RD Service registration, your device must be purchased from a reputable supplier and the serial number must be verified on the manufacturer's server, such as the Mantra MFS 100, SCL Safran OT Morpho MSO E, Cogent 3M CSD 110, Access StarTek FM220, Secugen Hamster Pro 20, and Bioenable Nitgen Precision.

6. If your serial number is invalid or there is a technical problem, a refund will be conducted following your confirmation which could take three to four days.

7. The Device Provider is responsible for providing the devices and accompanying software stated above under the UIDAI specifications, which will be STQC-approved.

8. While the Device Provider will use all reasonable efforts to guarantee that the UIDAI-specified security criteria are maintained to avoid breaches such as replay attacks and key compromises.

9. Suppose it is proved that such breaches were caused by a deliberate breach on the part of the Device Provider or by non-compliance of the devices and associated components with current standards. In that case, Device Provider will be liable for damages.

10. The biometric rd scanning equipment will be used in Purchaser's surroundings or an environment that the Purchaser controls or influences.

11. The Purchaser is responsible for maintaining the required level of security and related measures to prevent security breaches, including but not limited to preventing replay attacks, compromise of device keys, and keeping the environment free of rogue applications, malware, virus, and other items that may either adversely affect the functionality of software provided by the device provider or attempt to hack/disrupt the functionality of such software to cause a security breach.

12. We only provide the rd activation of the device, for unblocking the device or the device belongs to telecom or dealer, the customer needs to contact them only after successful RD renewal.

13. Note: As directed by UIDAI, the Morpho MSO1300 E2/E3 L0 RD service will stop functioning after July 31, 2024, and the Mantra MFS100 L0 RD service will stop functioning after August 31, 2024. Installation support from Radium Box will be available until the end of the validity period, but authentication services will rely entirely on the UIDAI server.

The rd recharge is the software services, hardware-related issues of the dead device, tampered cable, and non-detection of a device not covered under this Radium Box RD renewal./p>

Morpho RD Service Recharge

The Morpho Recharge Online Smart 1300 Series (CBM or MSO 1300 Series) may require some settings to run smoothly.

There may be the following error you can get such as if 1. Management client is not sync with the management server. 2. The device does not meet security requirements. 3. It may not work properly with Umang, Jeevan Pramaan, AGR mobile apps. 4. RD Service not working properly or the connected device does not belong to Rd service. 5. It may have issues while connecting with OTG. 6. If showing registration Failed: Same serial no is already in registration process, please try after some time. 7. In case of error 720 - Give permission to take fingerprint and 730, telemetry failed or the device not found. 8. Your smartphone does not meet minimum requirement by UIDAI. 8. rd service app is opened it says device is ready but at the time of authentication, it says connect morpho device. 9.After connecting or inserting device light is not coming or "Your device is ready to use" not coming by writing after doing on OTG connection from setting. But, before, after the light on the device also showing "Your device ready to use". Even though I've used different OTG cable then also it's not working. showing "Device not Connected".

So, there can be multiple issues and there solutions so we request you to follow below process accordingly.

1st there is Need to be registered biometric device with RD service. 2nd Download the Idemia application to your mobile. or Download and install the drivers if using on windows 7 or windows 10. 3rd if still it not works then contact our customer care via Whatsapp with screenshot on +91 84343 84343. If you want to know more about Morpho then go to this link or you can Buy new Morpho device at best price compare to online shops such as Flipkart or Amazon.

RD Service Device Update- Steps

You have to fill in all the above details as mentioned above, once the device has been registered for the Aadhaar RD Service no updation will be applicable.

The serial number of your device must be validated on the manufacturer's server for each Radiumbox RD registration, e.g. Mantratec MFS 100, SCL Safran OT Morpho, Cogent 3M CSD 200, Access ACPL StarTek RD FM220, Secugen Hamster Pro 20, Bioenable Nitgen, Tatvik, Precision. If the validation fails, we'll escalate the problem to the manufacturer or OEM, which could take some time.

The operations team will review all of the information you've provided, and you'll be notified by SMS or email if there are any further needs.

Final details will be sent to OEM for processing.

RD Service- The device's registration could take some time, then you get notified via SMS & email.

After the device registration takes place, a confirmation/whitelisting success email will be sent.

Follow the steps outlined in the confirmation email you will receive.

If there are any discrepancies, please notify us via email.

In the event of a technical issue, assistance will be provided.

If the problem persists, the matter will be escalated to the manufacturer or OEM, which may take some time. If the problem persists, you will receive direct support from the OEM. If your serial number is invalid or there is a technical problem, a refund will be conducted following your confirmation which could take time accordingly.

RadiumBox is not liable for any delays in the procedure caused by the manufacturer or OEM.

Please double-check your device's data, such as the serial number and model number, and contact us right away if you have any problems.

RadiumBox is not liable for any delays in the customer's sharing of information during the registration process.

RadiumBox is not responsible for any delays in installing and the links may have changed owing to the newer version. Customers should contact the support staff by raising the ticket at support.radiumbox.com or logging a complaint over call +91 84343 84343.

If no answer from the consumer is received within a week, the case is placed on hold.

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