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StarTek FM220 U L0/L1 RD Service

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STARTEK is a global leader in the fingerprint identification sector. For a variety of daily security and surveillance needs, it collaborates with business and governmental partners to deliver specialised security platforms that seamlessly integrate with its dynamic fingerprint identification products. Access launches L1 series of FM220 Registred Device for Aadhaar Authentication.

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Register your Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner with RD Service for Aadhaar authentication through Radium Box, an authorized distributor. Get one to three years of warranty and support. Ensure your device is compliant with UIDAI norms for secure biometric data handling. You can also swith to latest version of FM220 L1 series as per the latest UIDAI instructions.


Why Register Your Startek FM220?

Ensure compliance with UIDAI regulations by registering for RD Service. Resolve "No Device with RD Service" errors with our quick online registration process. Use the FM220 for applications like Digital signature certificates, Aadhaar, Apna CSC, NDLM, Digi Locker, JeevanParmaan, CSC and many more.


About Startek FM220

Startek FM220U L0/ L1 are Certified Fingerprint Scanner is a premium quality product from Startek. Radiumbox is a well-known eCommerce platform for a qualitative range of Scanners. All Startek FM220U Certified Fingerprint Scanner is manufactured using quality assured material and advanced techniques, making them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. The materials utilized to manufacture Startek FM220U L1 Certified Fingerprint Scanner, are sourced from the most reliable and official vendors, chosen after performing detailed market surveys. Startek products are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality. We are dedicatedly involved in providing an excellent quality array of Startek Scanners. Buy Startek Online from radiumbox.


Fast & Secure

This compact and elegant fingerprint scanner comes with a USB 2.0 interface for high-speed transfers. It also has fast scanning and matching speeds for maximum efficiency. You can set different security levels for different False Rejection Rates (FRR)/False Acceptance Rates (FAR demands. It also supports verification on different server platforms.


Practical Usability 

The FM220U fingerprint scanner has been successfully tested and deployed in remote corners of India, and it has proven to work in dusty and harsh conditions. Shock-proof to prevent any damage caused by accidents, the FM220U is also protected against dust and water ingress. Its ergonomic design guides the finger to the optimal position for effective scanning. Thus, it not only provides non-distorted image quality, but it also comes with adjustable image magnification to ensure the best success rates when scanning children’s fingerprints. The high image resolution of 600 dpi ensures the highest quality image you could need.


Key Features of Startek RD Service FM220U:

1. FBI PIV/FIPS 201 and STQC certified

2. Supported by Startek SDK for easy software integration

3. Patented high-performance fingerprint algorithm

4. Rugged design resistant to shock and environmental conditions

5. High-quality fingerprint images with less than 1% distortion

6. Compatible with AEPS for financial transactions and Aadhaar authentication


Applications of Startek RD Service:

Utilize the Startek FM220 for applications in banking (AEPS), government services, skill development programs, and digital certification services like Jeevan Pramaan. Contact Radium Box for RD Service renewal and support for seamless operations.


Ensure your biometric device remains compliant and functional with RD Service registration. Register now to secure your device for Aadhaar authentication and other critical applications.
You can also switch to latest version of Access FM220 L1 device with upgraded features.


For RD renewal registration of  Startek FM220 kindly apply by clicking here.

First, you will have to download the all-in-one driver of Startek FM220U and then Register RD Service.

You can reach Radium Box on +91 84343 84343 for Startek FM220U / FM220U L1 installation and RD Related issues.

For RD Services Registration of Startek FM220U / FM220U L1 apply online by clicking here.

Access launched his L1 series of device having model FM220U L1.