Terms & Conditions

Policy for Handling and Shipping of Products:

  • Quality Control:

    • Upon receiving products from the manufacturer, our quality control team conducts thorough inspections to ensure all items meet the defined standards.

    • Each selected device undergoes a secondary quality check to maintain consistency and reliability.

    • Updated documentation is maintained in our database to track each product's quality status.

  • Packaging:

    • Products are packaged using sustainable materials and techniques to minimize environmental impact.

    • Waste reduction strategies are employed during the packaging process to promote eco-friendliness.

  • Shipping:

    • We maintain partnerships with multiple courier companies to ensure efficient and reliable delivery services.

    • Our delivery network covers over 24,000 pincodes across India, offering extensive reach to customers.

    • For areas not serviced by regular couriers, we utilize India Post to ensure delivery.

    • Shipping of ordered device will be done within 24-48 hours of placing the order.

    • Our order status is updated to you via emails and sms at every step. Once your order is placed you would receive an sms and an email with your order details. Once your order is dispatched you receive an sms with your tracking details. Please check your spam and old sms-es for the status of your order, if you don't see any updates. In case of any unforeseen events which delay your order you would receive a special update from our end.

    • Your order will be delivered through our reputed courier companies at your doorstep.Depending on the geographic location of the customer it may take about 3 to 12 working days from the date of dispatch, to deliver the product to the customer door.

    • The shipping time mentioned anywhere on the website are approximate and we cannot guarantee them. Customers are recommended to place an order early on if they have a deadline to meet.

    • Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that your order might get delayed. We will send you an E-mail/SMS informing you about the delay along with the new expected delivery date. Visit the MY ORDERS page in your account and click on TRACK ORDER to get real time status of your order.

  • Customer Communication:

    • Deliveries are OTP verified to ensure secure transactions and prevent unauthorized receipt of goods.

    • Customers receive timely notifications regarding their orders through SMS, email, and WhatsApp, keeping them informed throughout the shipping process.

  • After-Sale Service:

    • We offer a 7-day exchange policy for products with manufacturing defects, providing customers with peace of mind.

    • Beyond the exchange period, warranty fulfillment is handled by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ensuring continued support and satisfaction.

By adhering to these policies, we aim to maintain high standards of quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction throughout the handling and shipping of our products.

Radium Box Sustainable Packaging Policy

At Radium Box!, we believe in taking a more circular approach when it comes to sustainable packaging and waste reduction. We recognize that we have an important role to play in tackling these critical issues industry and beyond. OUR APPROACH For Radium Box! and our brands, we’re committed to sustainable sourcing while focusing on reducing and mindfully reusing or recycling the waste. To help shape and strengthen our strategy, we engage with suppliers, franchisees, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other partners to address key focus areas including eliminating unnecessary packaging, shifting to more sustainable materials, supporting better recovery and recycling systems, and lastly, investing in circularity. Another element that’s central to our approach is having a freedom within a framework. This provides overarching goals and areas of focus for organization while allowing to take tailored approaches guided by the unique factors and circumstances that influence packaging and waste where we operate while staying compliant with local governments and regulations. FOCUS AREAS & GOALS Reducing waste from packaging, is an important issue for the business.As Radium Box, working to transition existing packaging as needed and developing new packaging solutions that can be diverted from landfills through

recycling or composting. The following areas outline our holistic view of packaging across the company.

We aim to maximise the use of recycled materials in our packaging:

● We will adopt reusable alternatives to traditional packaging formats where possible. 

● We will eliminate problematic and unnecessary packaging materials. 

● We will use materials which are widely recycled. 

Any packaging waste generated throughout our business will be recycled using the most efficient processes. 

● We will explore any viable closed loop recycling schemes for our packaging waste. 

● We will seek to replace and ultimately eliminate all single use plastics in our packaging.

Fibre-based packaging (i.e. paper and board) is our preferred packaging material and must be 100% sustainably sourced in line with Radium Box.

General Testing Requirements: Testing is an effective means for managing product quality, durability, safety, and compliance.


We are committed to regular and transparent communication and disclosure around our

sustainable packaging and waste reduction work. 

General Considerations and Scope

Phil Technologies (P) Limited trading as Radium Box and Radium Shop, 939, 2F, Gurudwara Road, South Extension, New Delhi 110003 (hereinafter "Radium Box") maintains the internet portal http://radiumbox.com/, a fashion online store (hereinafter "radiumbox.com"). On radiumbox.com customers will be offered goods. The offering on this site is only directed at end users of legal age. Goods will only be sold in normal household quantities. These terms and conditions find application in all contracts which members enter into via radiumbox.com as well as all general business relationships between Radium Box and its customers. Radium Box does not accept any other terms and conditions unless explicitly stated otherwise. If periods are stated in working days, these include all weekdays except Saturday and Sunday and all statutory holidays.

Love Affection

We ensure that we do everything with love & affection for the product!

USE OF RadiumBox.com

As part of the registration as a customer of Radium Box you will be asked to submit personal data. Point 14.1 is applicable in this respect. You are responsible for ensuring that the data is complete and correct. After you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email. To facilitate access to the online service on radiumbox.com, you will receive a password. You are obliged to treat this password and any other access data confidential and protected from access by unauthorized third parties. Radium Box reserves the right to refuse registration without giving reasons.

You indemnify Radium box completely of any claim by third parties on first demand. By transmitting the contents to Radium Box, you grant Radium Box all exclusive rights of use over time, space and content without restriction, including transfer to a third party, which Radium Box requires for publication and dissemination, even in part, to radiumbox.com. Radium Box is entitled to store or release content, and reserves the right of cancellation, reduction, modification or correction of such content.

You may not use radiumbox.com outside the intended frame to disrupt or manipulate particular technical processes. Interventions with the intention to seek unjustified advantage to the detriment of Radium Box or other members will result in the immediate loss of the right to purchase on Radium Box and the revocation of the customer’s account as a consequence.

You are only permitted to register and use one membership account at a time. Multiple registrations will be deleted by Radium Box.

In the password protected area on radiumbox.com you can access your recently shipped and/or completed orders. In this area you can also change, administer and save your own data and potential subscriptions of newsletters.

“Radium Box” reserves the right to issue a warning, to terminate your membership or to modify or delete content you have submitted, if you violate any of the provisions of this Section 3. Any claims for damages by “Radium Box” remain unaffected.

Contractual Partners, Language and Conclusion of Contract

At the conclusion of contracts on radiumbox.com your contractual partner is solely Radium Box”.

radiumbox.com is operated in English; radiumbox.com contracts are concluded exclusively in English.

By submitting an order by clicking "order or buy now" you make a binding contract offer. After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Radium Box. The confirmation email does not constitute acceptance of the contract. The declaration of acceptance of the contract consists in the shipping of the goods. When ordering multiple items, the acceptance of the contract applies only to goods actually shipped.

In cases where prices are displayed incorrectly on radiumbox.com due to technical errors, “Radium Box is entitled to action for nullification. The burden of proof regarding an error lies with “Radium Box”. Payments already made will be refunded immediately.

Prices and Shipping Fees

For orders on radiumbox.com the prices which are listed at the time of your order on the product page apply. These prices are exclusive of taxes and the final price (inclusive of taxes) are shown in the shopping cart page.

For returns of products, contact the “Radium Box customer support via [email protected] or via our contact form at radiumbox.com/contact-us.


“Radium Box provides the payment methods credit card, debit card and net bankingpayment in advance and Cash on Delivery. “Radium Box” reserves the right to exclude any payment methods for individual goods and to refer to the other payment methods.

“Radium Box” accepts various credit cards, e.g. Visa,American Express, Mastercard. “Radium Box” will charge the invoice to your credit card immediately after receipt and dispatch of the order.

Type COD Prepaid
Below Rs. 600 100 50
Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000 60 0
Above Rs. 1000 0 0

The following provisions apply to all vouchers of “Radium Box”. The vouchers include specifically the vouchers as a result of purchase of an invited friend of radiumbox.com and vouchers individually assigned to individual customers at radiumbox.com.

  • Vouchers are only valid for the period announced at issue or a maximum of 180 days from the time of issuance. An extension or a transfer to another user/ customer is not possible.

  • Vouchers are non-transferable.

  • Vouchers cannot be deducted from shipping costs, if applicable.

  • Should the price of your order exceed the balance in a voucher, you can compensate the difference through the payment methods available.

  • “Radium Box reserves the right to accept only one coupon per order.

  • Vouchers are not paid in cash or earn interest.

  • Vouchers will not be refunded, should you return the goods wholly or partly, or if goods can only be delivered in part (unless these returns are due to negligence on the part of “Radium Box” in which case the entire voucher will be re-added to the account).

  • Lost or, in particular, stolen vouchers will not be refunded. Radium Box assumes no liability for lost vouchers.

  • “Radium Box” reserves the right to provide alternative payment methods in accordance with point 6.1, and to refuse delivery and / or to terminate customer accounts should there be a reasonable suspicion of abuse in connection with the use of vouchers.

  • Delivery will only be given to the shipping address provided by you. It is your responsibility that it is possible to ship to the address during normal working hours.

  • “Radium Box” ships according to the delivery timelines provided for each product. We ensure that we ship as early as possible, but for some products the timelines are longer due to availability of products.

  • Radium Box” does not assume any sourcing risk especially with reference to a purchase by description. Radium Box” is only obliged to ship from existing stock or from stock ordered from suppliers.

  • In some cases “Radium Box” will ship from its own production.

  • In cases of force majeure, shipping duration may increase within reason. Force majeure shall include strike, exclusion, official intervention, energy or resource scarcity, shipping difficulties, business complications such as fire or water damage to machinery, lightning or any other unforeseeable business complications for which Radium Box” cannot be held responsible. Starting and ending point of such shipping impediments will be communicated immediately by “Radium Box.

  • Radium Box” reserves the right to cancel the contract should delivery fail three times through fault of customer. Payments already made will be refunded or store credit will be given depending on the scenario.

  • “Radium Box” asks you to immediately inform the deliverer and Radium Box” as soon as possible about obvious transport damage. Doing so has no influence on your warranty rights, but will help “Radium Box” to make its own claims against the supplier.

  • All delivery times mentioned are applicable after confirmation of order from us. For Cash On Delivery orders, this is after we have called and confirmed the order from your end. All order confirmations must be completed within 72 hours. After this time period if order is not confirmed by customer, it is up to the discretion of “Radium Box to cancel the order.

  • For returns policies, please check our section on Delivery and Returns.

Retention of Title

Ownership of the goods is transferred to the member upon full payment.


“Radium Box” is liable only for intent and gross negligence, unless there are fraudulently concealed damages, damages for loss of life, limb or health or damage arising from any infringement of essential contractual obligations. The same applies to violations by “Radium Box”'s agents.

Service and Complaints

The satisfaction of our members is close to our hearts. Therefore we endeavor to deal with your concerns as quickly as possible and always provide you with our feedback after receiving your input. For service inquiries, please contact our customer service department: Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer for Hypertext Links

The web site www.radiumbox.com includes hyperlinks to other Internet sites. Stalk Buy Love has no control over the content of these sites, nor does it endorses them and is not responsible for their content. Once Radium Box” becomes aware of illegal content, “Radium Box will remove the corresponding links from radiumbox.com.

Data Security

As part of your registration as a customer on radiumbox.com you will be asked to provide personal data. This is data which is required by “Radium Box” to process the contracts concluded on radiumbox.com. All personal data is confidential and will be treated by “Radium Box” in accordance with relevant legal regulations. To safeguard your privacy in online payment transactions “Radium Box” uses the latest encryption techniques through our payment gateways.

The privacy policy by “Radium Box” can be found under http://radiumbox.com/privacy.

Image Rights

All rights to use imagery on radiumbox.com lie with “Radium Box” or our partners. The use of the material - in whatever form - is prohibited unless explicit permission from “Radium Box” has been granted.

Canceliation Policy

Please note that there may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled shall include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department or any defect regarding the quality of the product. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your credit card has been charged, the said amount will be reversed back in your Card Account.(Any type of voucher used in these orders shall be pushed back into the user's account in case of cancellation by Company).

As part of usual business practice, if we receive a cancellation notice and the order has not been dispatched by us, we shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount. Company holds discretionary right to refund the amount as customer points/check or bank refund. In the event of cancellation of order by the customer Company holds the right to not refund the voucher, if any used against such order.

Final Provision

Should any provision of this agreement be legally void, this does not invalidate the whole contract. Instead, the invalid provision shall be replaced with an effective provision with the same economic purpose. The same applies to possible gaps in this contract.

Radium Box reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions for future business. Excluded from this are unreasonable changes, especially pertaining to essential contract elements, such as the main benefits owed, which would be subject of a contract modification. “Radium Box” will notify you of changes to the Terms and Conditions in timely fashion. Notification of changes will include a reference to the possibility and the period of objection and the significance or consequences of the omission of contradiction. If you do not contradict the validity of the amended Terms and Conditions within two weeks of the day following the receipt of the notification of change to you, the amended terms and conditions shall be deemed accepted by you.

RD Service Online - Terms and Conditions

  • Kindly fill in all the requisite details for RD Installation Service / AMC Service very carefully, these details are not altered or updated once your registration for Aadhaar RD Service is processed over the server. 

  • For each RDService registration, your device must be sourced from a genuine seller, if the device belongs to a telecom or dealer invoice might be asked for further steps.

  • The serial number should be validated on the manufacturer's server OEM. Mantra MFS 100, SCL Safran OT Morpho MSO E2/E3, Cogent 3M CSD 200, Access StarTek FM220, Secugen Hamster Pro 20, Bioenable Nitgen, Precision.

  • You will get notified via SMS/ email, once the activation of the biometric device will be successfully done.

  • If the validation fails then we will escalate this issue to the Manufacturer or OEM and it may take time. 

  • In case of further issues, you will get direct support from the OEM. 

  • AMC validity will only be applicable after verification of the device by our technical team. A prior appointment will be required to check the device remotely, once it is done then AMC will be applicable from the date of confirmation from the technical department.

  • In case of cancellation of the RD order, will refund your RD registration amount after deducting processing fees( 50% of the paid amount). You can also adjust your total amount in RD Service of any other eligible device purchased online or offline on the Radium Box platform. in special conditions. 

  • You can log the support complaint through various support channels, WhatsApp/call/email/raising a ticket.

  • The support team can support you remotely over your desktop/laptop/computer.

  • Anydesk id is compulsorily required for fulfilling the support request and to do the necessary settings at the user’s end.

  • For Android users, instructions can be given over the phone call.

  • Maximum 2 attempts are done by the support team to connect over call, if the call is not picked/answered/unreachable from your side then you need to reach us to log the request.

  • This service is only for the RD activation of devices, unblocking/hardware-related issues not be covered under this service.

  • Once the applied device is rd ready, for any other app/portal-related issues please contact your service provider or dealer.

  • A manual procedure is applicable for the complete installation/activation of a biometric device bought outside India (a foreign country purchased aadhaar biometric device) and it is also additionally chargeable, for details please mail us: at [email protected] or call us at +91 84343 84343 

  • For an invalid serial number, a refund will be initiated after your confirmation and could take at least three to four working days.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, Your RD Service has been registered successfully. However as per Circular No. HQ-13023/1/2020-Auth-1-HQ/ 2084, dated 20.06.2022, of UIDAI, Gov. of India the RD services for MSO 1300E and MSO 1300E2, Cogent CSD 200 devices (for Aadhaar- enabled services) may stop working anytime on or after 31st December 2022. I hope you will arrange a replacement device accordingly. Kindly remember that the device will work for all Non-Aadhaar services. We will inform you via a notification in case of any update received from OEM and UIDAI. Please remember there will be no refund issued in the RD Registration case, however, we may offer a discount in case of a new device purchase. For Your Reference - bit.ly/uidai-stop

Radium Box

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  • Address: 1312, Hemkunt Chambers, Nehru Place, New Delhi -19
    40-GF, Harmony Mall, Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400 104
  • Phone: +91-84343 84343
  • Email: [email protected]