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RD Service Mantra

Mantra fingerprint scanner MFS 100 with its latest RD Service and Drivers can be found on Radium Box which is the 1st and authenticate portal for Mantra RD's new registration and for renewal. As UID Authroristy both models MFS100V54 & MIS100V2 must update with the latest Aadhaar Authentication API 2.5 After registering your device, Mantra Device registration is upgraded with Registered Device Service from public device to L0 device to use fingerprint and Iris so that you can use it further in your application.

Mantra biometric devices do not provide key-based registration; the mapping process takes place internally at OEM after registration only need to install Registered Device services as per manuals, of your biometric eKYC Device with the help of our specialised support team & OEM.

When the Registered Device Service detects the public device, it will convert it into a registered device and the user will be notified again of a successful response by the Registered Device Service. 

Mantra RD Service Registration Online for MFS 100 USB Single Fingerprint Scanner device is necessary that the Registered Device service installed in the client machine must interact with Mantra’s Management Server.

MFS100 & MIS100V2 Instant Recharge Renewal (Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance), MFS100 V54 & MIS100V2 Driver and MFS100 Client service (Non- Aadhaar) MFS100. OPTICAL FINGERPRINT SENSOR - STQC-certified single finger scanner MFS100 V54 is a high-quality USB fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authentication on Aadhaar Server.


Please find the below-mentioned application where Mantra Device MFS100 V54 is integrated.

  1. Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana.
  2. Jeevan Pramaan is an Aadhar-based Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners.
  3. Digital Seva Portal. Common Services Centers.
  4. AEPS is a bank-led model that allows online interoperable financial transactions at PoS (Point of Sale / Micro ATM) through any bank's Business Correspondent (BC)/Bank Mitra using the Aadhaar authentication. 
  5. Banking Services Offered by AePS is for Cash deposit & withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement, Aadhaar fund transfer and payments. Other Services offered by AePS are mainly eKYC, best finger detection, tokenisation and Aadhaar authentication and seeding. The Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) MFS100 V54 authenticates the employees utilizing the Aadhaar number, generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). e.g. Paytm, Airtel, and Mobiquick Banking. And for more Aadhaar-related services, and for wholesale bulk prices, contact Mantra's Customer Care Number at +91 8434384343 on the phone and online.

Mantra Fingerprint Softwares

The MFS100 Driver includes test application and Client service (For Non-Aadhaar Application Users).

Download MFS100 software for Windows

MFS100 RD Service 

Update instructions  Download 

It is compulsory to install the latest drivers/applications for holding exact installations.

Follow the below procedure to install the Mantra MFS100 RD Service

1. Login into the system as administrator 

2. Open the RD Service Package folder. 

3. Right-click “MFS100Driver” and select Run as administrator.

mantra run as admin



MFS Driver install


mantra fingerprint installation


4. Click on finish once the driver successfully installed over the system. The MFS test application window demonstrates the device information.

mantra mfs serial no


5. Run the MantraRDService.exe under administrator privilege.

administrator privilege

Be ensure that the path should be Default while moving to next.

MFS100 RD Service


6. The RD service is successfully installed over the system.

mantra driver installation

It is highly recommended to reboot the system after successful installation.

Once the installation is completed, please make sure that the following:

  • MFS100 & MFS100RdService folder available in your C:\Program Files\Mantra 



Software release Date April 29 2022, You can check Mantra MFS100 fingerprint and MIS100 Iris RD Service status online.

Mantra RD Service Downloads

Mantra Driver Downalod for MFS 100 Software - Windows

Mantra Driver Downalod for MFS 100 Software - Windows

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Mantra RD Service Download for PC Windows 7 10

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Mantra MFS 100 RD Service driver software for - Android

Mantra MFS 100 RD Service driver software for - Android

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Download Mantra MIS100V2 Driver for Windows

Download Mantra MIS100V2 Driver for Windows

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Download Mantra MIS100V2 RD Service for Windows

Download Mantra MIS100V2 RD Service for Windows

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Mantra MIS 100 V2 Android apk

Mantra MIS 100 V2 Android apk

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Mantra RD Service FAQ's

You could register your Mantra MFS100  fingerprint scanner from Radium Box by following this link.Registration of devices needed basic information of buyer/user, along with device brand/name, serial number and model number for successful rd activation.
After successfull RD Service activation you will get theconfirmation thru SMS or email or both.

Mantra MFS 100, Mantra MFS 200, Mantra MFS Tab and MIS100 are STQC certified and eligible for the RDService Online Registration.

As of now L0 is maintained to its latest version. This ensures its smooth RD Service operation.

Error 700 or Error 1140 indicates Capture Timeout which is mainly due to improper placement of the finger. So its easy solution is to place finger properly within the predefined time period. 

All the requisite softwares/drivers for mantra rd service is available on this link. For any further support please call/watsapp- +91 84343 84343.


RD Service is paid service which comes with a Management Server fee, OEM data maintenance which handshake with UIDAI and a whole year of full remote installation support.

Error 1001 or -215 indicates that rd service of your device is expired you need to register it from Radium Box by following this link.For more details/resolution please call/watsapp +91 84343 84343.

Mantra device serial number is available on the sticker of device and if it is faded then can be found by runing the test application of mantra rd service available over this link.

Mantra softech - STQC, GOVT. OF INDIA “certified” USB Fingerprint scanner equivalent to FBI PIV certification.Mantra SDK is available for developers to create new application and include variety of utilities.Mantra SDK is available in Windows, Android, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE.For more details please write us [email protected]


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