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Available Models
  • MSO 1300 e3,
  • MSO 1300 e,
  • MSO 1300 e2,
  • MSO 1300 e3 L1,

RD Service Morpho

Morpho RD Service Online Registration Process (L0 & L1)

Morpho RD Service Renewal
For use in Kamgar Setu Gramin portal, mp Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Playworld apk, transactions, for KYC, Jeevan Pramaan etc. If any following error is being displayed then the device needs to be registered for Morpho RD Service Service CSC with UIDAI. Apply for CSC morpho rd service activation code registration. You may visit this link to check the subscription validity of your installation support service. Check Validity

Common errors related to Morpho RD Service use

1. To register your device please enter a one-time mandatory token Below.
3. No Device with Rd service Found - Suggestion rd services registration
4. RD service drivers Not Found
5. Device Certificate Error / Device Integrity could not be verified, please check the connectivity
6. 521# Issue in Device registration.
7. Error - Device not registered.
8. Device needs to be registered.
9. No single device registered yet.
10. Device is not whitelisted in the management server.
11. Connected device is not whitelisted first do whitelisting and then try again
12. Error while registering device
13. 999 Error / Internal error: Your device is in RD ready state, Error 999 reflecting over it does not relate to RD services, kindly contact the manufacturer / seller of the biometric device.
14. Max Host Registration Reached- it is because RD Driver is installed / tried on more than 10 devices by your side. In this case, your device may be blocked by UIDAI so you need to contact them only. Please write to us so can we help in reaching out there.
15. 999 Safety Net Integrity Update Your Mobile software and google applications and then try using the biometric device.
16. The device does not make minimum security with UIDAI - Mobile Software Not Supporting so change your mobile and then use.
17. If a device is blocked/locked by any service provider or Rd services are not enabled in the service provider portal. - You should contact the Portal Administrator to enable your device. 18. Morpho RD service "Device Registration Failed" for Windows 7 - We strongly recommend our subscribers to use Windows 10, as Older OS now lacks security updates and may be compromised. however, you may use this link to use your Morpho device on it. Software for RD on Windows 7

Solutions: In the above point from 1 to 12 you will have to register for RD Support Service for Installation, for the rest you may follow the instructions, already described above. In case of any other error related to Registration or Installation Services, you are at the right place if you are searching for Aadhaar Biometric Device OTP or RD Services Renewal Online. This link will give you a way out to resolve Morpho Online activation code if your device requires a Morpho SCL RDS activation code.

Note: The provided serial number should be correct otherwise the device will not work.  A few errors may be related to OEM Management Server so don't worry we will definitely help you in installing the needful drivers so the registration. Note: 

New RD Service and Drivers for Morpho 1300 E1/E2/E3

Download RD Service and Drivers

If your Morpho Fingerprint sensor is not working, then you must know that Device Driver and RD Service software get updated time to time basis and you must have to download and install the updated software. If you want to know how to do this, kindly go through the whole post.

The Morpho L1, an L1 Fingerprint Scanner, will soon be available and operational in compliance with the latest regulations from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). We suggest checking this section regularly for the most up-to-date information on the device's availability and usage.


Morpho RD Service Drivers HTTP: Click here 

Know your Device Serial Number: Extract

Morpho RD Service Drivers Local Host HTTPS: Download Link

Morpho RD Service Drivers Download Link

Android: Download Link


Morpho Device
Registered RD Service - For registration or renewal Click Here
PC With Windows  7,8,10 (Windows 7 above Service Pack 1) 
Latest RD Service and Drivers Click here for a Download
Step By Step Morpho Installation:-
Connect Morpho Device in PC
Uninstall Old Drivers
Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
Now Uninstall old Morpho Drivers and RD Service

Steps to be followed:

Download Latest RD Service and Drivers

Click above For Download Latest RD Service and Drivers
Extract File
Right Click on the Downloaded file and then click Extract All > Now Click On Extract > Now files are extracted  Now Install > click on setup > RUN
Press NEXT > NEXT  Reboot PC > Now Restart PC
Now your device will start working. If still, you need assistance then please contact us on WhatsApp or via Call for technical support. Customer Care no. +91 84343 84343


The MSO1300E3L1 is a biometric device approved by UIDAI for Aadhaar authentication. It is a single finger scanner with STQC certification and BIS registration. This device, developed by Idemia, is specifically designed to ensure accurate and dependable fingerprint capture for various purposes. MSO1300E3L1 employs advanced optical fingerprint recognition technology to capture and process fingerprint images effectively. The Morpho L1 has a compact and user-friendly design, making it suitable for both desktop and mobile usage.

The collaboration between STQC and C-DAC resulted in the development of the MSO1300E3L1 , which is compliant with Aadhaar's fingerprint authentication and registration requirements. This device can be used in a lot of applications, including biometric authentication, access control systems, time and attendance tracking, and identity verification.


  • Morpho L1 device security implementation that complies with standards for biometric singing & encryption. The system also incorporates a trusted execution environment (TEE) to enhance security. The design of this secure system aligns with the key objectives outlined in the UIDAI RD service specifications. Additionally, the API specifications have been revised and updated to support L1 registered fingerprint devices.

  • The system provides a high level of security for biometric data, ensuring the integrity & confidentiality of the information. The implementation of Morpho L1 compliance ensures that the biometric data is securely signed and encrypted, protecting it from unauthorized access and alsor tampering.

  • The inclusion of a trusted execution environment (TEE) further enhances the security of the system. A TEE provides a secured isolated environment within the device's hardware or software, where sensitive operations and data processing can take place. This helps in protecting against various types of attacks, including those targeting the operating system or other applications running on the device.

  • The design of this secure system is aligned with the key objectives specified by UIDAI RD service specifications. These objectives likely include data security, privacy protection, reliable authentication & compliance with relevant standards as per the regulations. By adhering to these objectives, the system aims to ensure that the biometric data is handled securely and the overall system meets the required standards for government or identity verification management purposes.

Morpho RD Service Downloads

Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Windows

Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Windows

... More Details

Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Android

Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Android

... More Details

Morpho SCL RD Service Download Driver Software PC

Morpho SCL RD Service Download Driver Software PC

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RD Service Online Morpho User Help Manuals - Windows

RD Service Online Morpho User Help Manuals - Windows

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RD Service Online Morpho User Help Manuals - Android

RD Service Online Morpho User Help Manuals - Android

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Morpho RD Service Test Application - Android

Morpho RD Service Test Application - Android

Used by millions of people every day, ... More Details

Morpho RD Service FAQ's

The Morpho MSO 1300 e3 are STQC certified and eligible for RD Service for Adhaar authentication.You could register your Mantra MFS100  fingerprint scanner from Radium Box by following this link.

Click here for complete installation & support guide of morpho registration process.

All the requisite softwares/drivers for Morpho MSO 1300E3 rd service is available on this link. For any further support please call/watsapp- +91 84343 84343.

The serial number of the device is located over the sticker of device. If the serial number is faded or not visible properly, Windows and Android drivers are available to extract the serial number.'For any support regarding the same please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343.

You will have to Change Time zone and reinstall the software again. 'For any support regarding the same please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343.

Your device rd subscription is expire & you need to renew it from here.  

If rd registration is already done then please recheck with the device internal serial and the serial mention in your order confirmation maill. 

In case of any mismatch please reapply from here

If above are not applicable please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343.


  • Make sure Morpho SCL RD Service updated version of Windows or Android is properly installed.
  • Also set the  WINDOWS Date Time & Time Zone (UTC+5:30 Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi) and set date & time to automatic. Restart PC/Laptop then check again.
  • In Android/Mobile: Set Date & Time to automatic and time Zone to 24 hours format.
  • If still facing same issue please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343.
  • It might be because of any of the reason on your Android phone.
  • 1. Check the device cable to be properly connected.Also the OTG/Connector working properly
  • 2. USB Permission is set to enable on your mobile.
  • Enable USB tethering under Tethering and portable hotspot in setting section.
  • 3. Clear the cache on android device.
  • a. Go to Application settings of your android phone.
  • b. Open Morpho SCL RD Service and click on “Clear Data”.
  • Uninstall the Rd service and reinstall the latest version available here.
  • 'For any support regarding the same please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343.

If your Morpho device is blocked by your service  provider/telecom/banking, and cannnot be accessed by another application.Please contact your applicayion provider in this case.

  • Key Rotation is a backend monthly process and sometimes the user facing the error at that time period. For resolution of this please wait some time and check your network connectivity and refresh the services.
  • If you are still experiencing the issue , please contact our support team on +91 84343 84343 or write us on [email protected] with your contact details. The team will revert you accordingly.

Reinstall latest version of app and buy after unplug the device so that it can registered. .

This will occur when you are using private/ restricted network.Need to install android RD service properly by using this link.

Visit download section from the link Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Windows  or Extract Morpho MSO 1300 device Serial No. - Android.Plug in th device and run the test page of downloaded setup. The device details available on the screen demonstrating the successfull testing of Morpho device.

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