AIS 140 Standard GPS Tracker

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AIS 140 Standard GPS Tracker - Electronics - Black box

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The AIS-140 regulation, applicable from April 1, 2019, mandates a GPS vehicle tracking device and one or more emergency button(s) in all public service vehicles that require a permit. The mandate is applicable to both existing and new vehicles. Due to the rapid increase of vehicles on the road, there is a need for government guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kind of public transport systems. The most reliable use and strict compliance of AIS-140 guidelines can help improve traffic management, ease the congestion on the roads, and reduce the environmental impact.

By using the AIS 140 IRNSS Device, all public transport and commercial vehicles should have the

  • Ability to transmit real-time location, stoppages report, and other performance information
  • One or more emergency buttons across the vehicle

AIS 140 IRNSS Device has to ensure that

  • It can transmit velocity, location, and time data to the control servers (government authorized) using a GSM/GPRS network.
  • Minimum two different IP addresses should be used to transmit the data and an additional IP address for an emergency response system. The emergency/Panic button transmits alerts to a pre-configured IP address.
  • AIS 140 GPS device has an internal power backup of at least four hours.
  • It supports a minimum hardware configuration standard, data storage, and over-the-air updates.
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