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Biometrics Secure Identity of an Individual
Post By:- Raj , 2018-07-30 16:56:00

Biometric word is combination of two words "Bio" and "Metric", Term Bio is a Greek word and its meaning is life or life-related the Second word also comes from a Greek word and its related to measurement, so Biometric means in broader term - Measurement of Life / Life related or Measurement by using Life / Human Body. The topic related to biometric authentication and biometric identification. Here we will discuss how biometrics could be used to open ticket identify or recognise a person's identity by using their morphological features such as biometric and physical characteristics. Biometric data could be classified into three categories, such as Biological, Morphological and Behavioural.
Biological that could be consists of DNA, blood etc. Morphological data could consist of the shape of hands, a shape of palms, fingerprints, vein patterns, face and different facial points, Iris, vein patterns of retina and voice and Behavioural biometric data consists of gait, walking style, keyboard strokes, signatures etc. The main reason behind the accumulation of biometric data is to ensure the identity of a person.
In a simple word, we could say that biometrics is the science of analysing the behavioural and physical characteristics of an individual or in even simpler term its measurement of the human body. <a href="/shop">Click here</a> to see biometric devices.

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