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Digital Security: Iris Recognition or Fingerprint
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Biometric authentication is now taking a new role in the field of technology. Biometric authentication is everywhere in schools, offices, government offices, airports, shopping malls, and most recently in our hands as smartphones.

Biometric security went mainstream after the launch of Apple smartphones. But which authentication method is best for UIDAI? Today we will compare iris recognition and fingerprint to see which method is the best fit for UIDAI. Before comparing iris recognition and fingerprint, let's understand them first.  

Iris Recognition Biometric Authentication Method

Iris recognition is used to record the unique identity of an individual. It is done by documenting the color and unique patterns in Iris. It has multiple applications and is explicitly used in providing robust security.

The Pros and Cons of Iris RecognitionMethod

Benefits of Iris for Identification are as follows:

·        It is a quick and convenient way of providing a unique password that cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen.

  • ·        It is externally visible, and patterns are captured from a distance.
  • ·        Restricted genetic penetration of Iris pattern
  • ·        Traceable decision-making and encoding are possible.

Limitations of Iris Identification are as follows:

  • ·        It is a costly process.
  • ·        The result is sometimes not accurately measured.
  • ·        Deforms non-elastically as pupil changes.
  • ·        Brightness should not be bright or visible.

Fingerprint Scanning BiometricAuthentication Method

Fingerprint identification is that type of biometric authentication where an individual’s fingerprint gets scanned. It gives access to him/her to any device or any physical facility.

In this technology, there is a combination of both hardware and software techniques to identify an individual's identity via fingerprints.

The Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Method

fingerprint is a less expensive scanning method. With unique fingerprints, fingerprint scanning carries an advantage over other biometric authentication methods.

However, fingerprint scanning easy to hack. Because of bad skin integrity or environment can create negative results.

Comparison between Iris Recognition and Fingerprint Scanning

By understanding both iris and fingerprint method's pros and cons, iris trumped fingerprints. Iris has several benefits, particularly for low-earning people with intense skilled labor who have eroded fingerprints.

Eyes are self-cleaning, and the shot is taken without the reader being physically contacted. The ground comparison of iris and fingerprints derives from the Unique Identification Authority of India's proof of concept tests.

Iris scans are much more robust than fingerprints. The authentication is more reliable, with a smoother balancing ratio between approval and denial errors.

The onset of Pandemic observed iris scanning as a more popular choice than fingerprints.

Iris is a contactless metric system. There is no requirement by an individual to touch the device. However, fingerprint scanning requires direct contact of an individual over the device. This may increase the contamination of harmful diseases or cross-contamination of food and water by subsequent users.

UIDAI promotes Iris over Fingerprint

Fingerprint scanning increases the chances of contracting a disease. This is due to numerous contact contaminations from diverse consumers. Thus, face potential transmission hazards in a wide variety of questionable hygiene conditions.

These transmissions can be happening by leaving latent prints on the scanner surface by an accumulation of finger moisture, sweat, or oils that can soil the surface. And that is mainly why UIDAI wants to promote Iris recognition over fingerprint scanning.

UIDAI has several reasons to promote Iris recognition:

Ø Iris recognition does not require touching the device by users.

Ø Fingerprint supports physical contact because thumb or any other finger remains place on the surface for a while to obtain a reliable measurement. However, in Iris recognition, no such contact requires only eye color is scan, and that can be done by placing the device a little far from the touch of the person.

Ø In fingerprint, there is a chance of spreading the germs.

Ø No one can be aware of the personal hygiene of the user.

Ø No one can give assurance about the immunity of the user.

Ø Also, devices need to sanitize constantly, which may create a burden on the worker.

Ø It is not just about Covid-19 any other contagious disease can be transmitted by fingerprint scanning.

Ø Fingerprint scanning also leads to the chances of getting hacked, but in the case of Iris, everyone has unique eye patterns.

But people still prefer Fingerprint Scanning

People preference fingerprint scanning is because it is less expensive than iris recognition. For people who are having eye disease or any problem related to the eye, then they go for fingerprint.

Also, the fingerprint is easy to integrate better than iris. For some people, the fingerprint is a preference because sometimes they feel discomfort in their eyes which may lead to non-acceptance by the device, and then that may create trouble for the user.

So what we can finally Conclude

Surely the biometric system has been fast growing in this digital world with more and more dependence by users. There is a lot of debate regarding the comparison of Iris recognition and Fingerprint scanning.

Iris has clearly more votes in its pocket. Many organizations, shopping malls, airport officials, or any other official is using both biometric devices, but UIDAI is one of the organizations that have preference over one device.

UIDAI has reasons to go for Iris recognition, and their reasons are somehow valid points. In this Covid Era, much less contact is required, and clearly, fingerprint scanning is doing so. However, the common man choice still has a choice for fingerprint scanning.


·        What is a biometric system?

Ans.: - Biometric system is a tool that identifies individuals based on their physical characteristics. This system includes fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, retina and iris recognition, voice recognition.

·        Why people are into biometric authentication?

Ans.: -One of the key reasons organizations are implementing biometric technologies is the identification of registered people with unauthorized persons. These unauthorized people could damage access to safety systems.

·        What is Iris recognition?

Ans.: - That type of biometric authentication process where authentication has been done by matching the eye color of the individual.

·        What is Fingerprint scanning?

Ans.: - Fingerprint scanning is that method of biometric authentication where individuals get access to the device or physical access to the place after applying their unique fingerprints on the device.

·        Are these scanning methods safe?

Ans.: - Yes, they are absolutely safe.

·        Which one is a better method of biometric authentication?

Ans.: - Iris is way better than fingerprint scanning. As Iris doesn't involve any direct contact with the user. Fingerprint scanning has a chance of getting hacked as there are a lot of hacks that have been provided on YouTube or different platforms.

·        Who is a UIDAI?

Ans.: - Unique identification authority of India is a statutory body by the Government of India. It has been established with a motive to give Unique Identification Numbers (UID) named as “Aadhar” to all citizens of India.

·        Why UIDAI wants to promote Iris recognition over Fingerprint Scanning?

Ans.: - Fingerprint scanning has a chance of spreading the disease than Iris recognition which is why UIDAI prefers Iris recognition.

·        Why people still prefer Fingerprint scanning?

Ans.: - Because it is less expensive and easy to access.

·        What you think which is better Iris or Fingerprint?

Ans.: - As per the current scenario, Iris recognition.



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