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Digital Signature required in GST Filing
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GST filing requires applicants to provide a valid Class 3 Digital Signature. It entails all the required documents to be digitally signed. It includes all registration applications or all KYC documents for GST. Hence, to successfully apply for GST filing, providing a Class 3 digital signature is mandatory.

Class 3 Digital Signature

There we’re many types of digital signature certificatesClass 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Digital Signature CertificatesClass 3DSC credentials are required for LLP registration or company, GST registration or filing, obtaining DIN, IT return e-filing, and any other form of ministry of corporate affairs and income tax requirements. For E-Auctions and E-tendering, applicants are required to provide Class 3DSC.

According to the Information Technology Act 2000, any applications relating to GST registration or returns entail a digital signature. Hence, applicants are directed to provide their Class 3 DSC credentials while applying for the same. Applicants are directed to use Class 3 DSC to sign GST documents.

Radium Box Encryption Services

Radium Box offers its customers Integrated Digital Security for Encryption with DSCs and certification authentication.

We use the Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) for the following services.

The encryption enables an organization to secure confidential databases and protect them from cyber-criminal activities. Radium Box provides Digital Signature Certificates to its users. These certificates come with signing and authentication using the PKI and biometric fingerprint scanning devices.

Radium Box is authorized by numerous certifying Authority of India such as:

1.      Capricorn Identity Services Pvt Ltd: Certifying Authority

2.      PantaSign – Pentagon Sign Securities

3.      eMudhura

4.      vSign: Verasys technologies CA and

5.      Sify SafeScrypt CA

·    Radium Box has obtained authorization from numerous Certifying Authority under the Controller law Certifying Authority (CCA). Our services remain unmatched in Digital Signature Category using our Certified Software since 2008.

·     E-filing is a mandate for businesses operating under MCA 21 program. The applicants are directed towards acquiring their Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for Director Identification Number (DIN). Most of the e-filing process is executed by Chartered Accountants, CMAs, CS, or Advocates. The process requires a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate and Radium Box facilitates this requirement.

DSC for GST serves as a replacement for the handwritten signature used to file GST in a Hard copy. Applicants need to provide Class 3 DSC that comes with validity between one to three years. Apart from accepting DSC, the GST portal also approves e-sign for various purposes. It helps in saving precious time. Also, the need to stand in long queues is eliminated.

Digital Signature Certificates can be obtained by availing services from Radium Box. We have authorized DSC bodies who help applicants obtain their digital signatures for online documentation of government services.

Benefits obtained from DSC is as follows:

·    It helps to form a Domain Ownership.

· Assists in successfully proceed with the online transaction with compelling authenticity.

·   DSC is a mandate when filing for e-tenders, tax returns, and signing documents online with authentication.

DSC Class 3 is essential for filing the GST and completing the compliance that is mandated by the law.


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