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Haazri app for Employee’s Attendance Management - Best for companies
Post By:- Raj Shekhar , 2020-09-23 08:44:58

Haazri app for Employee’s Attendance Management - an outstanding mobile app that makes organizations, companies and businesses handle their human resource in a modern way while tracking everything related to the assigned job to a specific employee or all the employees under an umbrella of a company.


With time, the revelations and innovations in technology have made it easier for the companies to keep an eye over their employees' activities during their working or business hours. As attendance marking has shifted from manual punching to biometric, the mobile app for tracking employees has also gained much importance today than ever before.


However, due to high market competition, HR and managers have plenty of options to pick the best of the best, which urges companies to develop innovative technologies to offer top-notch features and facilities. And this is why choosing the right and perfect app for your organization or a company may be somewhat confusing for you. 


Don't worry we’re here to assist you with it! Haazri app for Employee’s Attendance Management is a fantastic app that works perfectly, and It doesn't matter whether the employees are working from home or in an office. As many companies and organizations have stopped using fingerprint attendance machines due to COVID-19, Haazri enables companies to establish a specific territory and synchronize with it. With the employee's stepping in, this app will automatically mark checked in and the same it does when an employee leaves the office.


Furthermore, it monitors them by tracking their last location and then defining a specified territory for employees working from home. It comes with its amazing features to handle your employee's attendance management properly.

Some of its Key Features are:

●    Location-Based Check-In


"Haazri" app for employee's attendance management validates location on Punch-In & Punch-Out automatically enabling the employees to punch-in only when he/she is inside the office premises; otherwise, it'll not operate to mark check-in. Even you can report to work from anywhere.

●    Notifications & Announcements


The incredible feature that most of the companies and organizations love about "Haazri" is its "Notifications & Announcements" feature. With this app's help, both the employer and the employee stay connected and updated with each other as it shows Activity wise Notifications and in-general Announcements made by the admin/head.

●    Graphical Representation


"Haazri" app keeps the record, such as the employee's attendance record, total hours worked, and the total leaves. It then portrays it in a graphical representation that is downloadable any time in the form of detailed reports.

●    Attendance Marking


Real-time synchronization of attendance status is possible with the use of the "Haazri" app as it enables one to manage employee's attendance, and you don't need to do entries manually in registers. App register leaves marking them differently, whether the leaves are paid or unpaid.


●    Salary Calculation


"Haazri app for Employee’s Attendance Management" automatically calculates the real-time salary of all the employees working in an organization or company exclusively based on their attendance, unpaid and paid leaves.


●    Dynamic Radius


Furthermore, with this mobile application for attendance, an admin has the full access to change the radius of permissible location as per the size of office premises from the Admin Panel - adjusting a dynamic radius is possible.


How to Install & Register company in “Haazri”


The “Haazri” app is designed for both iOS and Android, and so you can download & install it on your phone, whether you’ve Apple iPhone or Android. Just visit the play store and install it, or you can directly install it following the link: Haazri App for Employee’s Attendance.


After successful installation, open the app, register yourself by entering your name, phone number, ID information, company email address, set PIN, and fingerprint. Then enter your company name and your name and request your admin to add you to the employees’ list.



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