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Resolving Morpho RD Service L0 Soft One Time Token Error


When you're using an SCL Morpho MSO 1300 E2 or E3 series biometric device and an error occurs that says, "Morpho RDService L0 Soft One Time Token," your system is requesting a one-time token for L0 Soft. With RD Service, the registration validity may have expired for your Morpho fingerprint scanner, or maybe you have a new device that is not yet registered for the RD Service. But, in either case, the registration of the RD Service needs to be either renewed or fresh. This face following helps in understanding and eliminating Problem

Error Understanding

The "Your Morpho RD Service L0 Soft One Time Token" error is generated if your biometric device has an expired or missing RD Service registration. RD Service itself is a very important process—required for your biometric device to function properly because it ensures that the device is being identified with authorized permission, for secure operations.

Methods to Solve the Error

What do to Do Check The Device

Once you receive the confirmation update, check your Morpho fingerprint scanner if it's working properly.

Inspect the device; attach it to your system and now check if the clear error message has been sorted away.

Why is RD Service Important?

On the subject of integration of the RD Service, there are several reasons for the same:

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting

"Morpho RD Service L0 Soft One Time Token" is a usual error that can be corrected through re-enrollment or completed enrollment on RD Service for Morpho fingerprint scanning. A device can be old or new; registration is a must for RD service to be kept secure and compliant with the standard. This error can easily be dealt with by following the steps above to ensure a smooth, secure biometric device.


To clear the RD Service cache on an Android device, you need to go to Settings > Apps or Applications, search for 'Morpho SCL RD Service', and click 'Clear Data'.

To restart the RD Service in Windows:

  • Press Win + R. Type 'services.msc' and Enter.

  • Look for 'Remote Desktop Services'. Right-click on it, go to Restart, or rather cycle the service—then from there, you can stop and start the service.

To start Morpho RD Service on Windows:

  • Morpho RD Services installation.

  • Plugging in of your biometric device with the computer.

  • Running of the downloaded file as an administrator and follow prompts to install the Client Service, click the "Install" button.

The Morpho RD Service renewal costs around Rs 499 in regular and in express it costs Rs 617.
For RD service renewal you can check here. RDservice