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Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliated Schools
Post By:- Raj Shekhar , 2020-10-11 14:35:17

These days educational institutions are seeing the value in including technology into their operations so that they can devote their time and efforts in meaningful activities rather than in operational tasks. Most of the students, parents, and teachers are becoming tech-savvy and looking forward to a digitized experience when they join a school or college.

To meet the requirement for complete digitization, the education sector must integrate e-signatures at both administrative and educational levels. By implementing digital signatures and other technologies, students and parents can undertake activities like accessing student data like loan, repayment information, signing forms and other documents, etc.

CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education notified for the session 2020-2021 schools are requested to upload the registration data as per the practice of the previous year However, as intimated earlier, hardcopy need not be sent to the Regional Office Data submitted online shall be treated as final Schools are requested to keep a printout of the registration data submitted for their record Please ensure correct uploading of registration data in the meantime. schools are requested to obtain the digital signature of the Principal Head of School under the category "Organization" and *B" class from any authorized agency

Benefits of Digital Signatures for the Education Sector:

·         Streamline the operations and processes: With electronic signatures, education institutes can reduce paperwork in several areas like student applications, issuance of documents like transfer certificates, report cards, etc. This will reduce the time and efforts involved in these processes

·         Interact the way your students want: Students are highly comfortable with the digital world and wish to undertake all methods online

·         Achieve the last mile in digitization at your Institution: Many educational institutes have implemented systems to make their processes electronic, but the last part remains paper-based due to physical approvals

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