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About Radium Box Foundation

Let us start with the introduction of the Radium Box Foundation. It is an Indian NGO having headquarters in Mumbai and an office in New Delhi.

History of Radium Box Foundation

Radium Box Foundation was established in 2019. The reason for the establishment of this company is to help raise awareness regarding Biometric use.

Who funds Radium Box Foundation?

Radium Box Foundation is a non-profit organization of India which is funded by Radium Box.

The objective of the Radium Box Foundation

The main objective of Radium Box Delhi is to promote internet-based learning and making people aware of the importance of doing social work.

Progress of Radium Box Foundation

Radium Box Foundation is progressing day by day in terms of both reputation and scale. We are offering various programs for helping people belonging to any age group.

The mission of Radium Box Foundation

The mission of Radium Box Foundation is to let people know the proper use of the internet and benefit them with the facility of internet learning


Radium Box Foundation programs

  1. Share the treasure

Share the treasure is a program where people can donate electronic gadgets directly to those who need them. For the donation, you can give the following types of devices:

  • Old

The gadgets that are no longer in your use.

  • Used

The gadgets that you are using currently, but you don’t want to keep them anymore.

  • Refurbished

The gadgets that you have renovated, and you want to give it away now and buy a brand new one.


How is this program helpful?

How is share the treasure helpful for the donor?

For the donor, this program is beneficial in the following ways:

  • The donor can get rid of extra items present at his home.
  • You can empty the place for the new items you want to buy.
  • You can be a source to help people with the things they can’t afford.


How is share the treasure helpful for the recipient?

For the recipient, this program is beneficial in the following ways:

  • You can get gadgets without paying high costs.
  • You don’t have to save for getting a new gadget.


  1. India Online Award

India Online Awards is another excellent program introduced by Radium Box Foundation. The primary purpose of introducing such a program is to recognize the efforts of people who are providing services at smaller scales. This program will ultimately lead to bringing talented people in front of the world working at various levels.

Which type of people are included in the India Online Awards category?

  • Service providers from the regional level

The level that covers the area of the entire region

  • Service providers from zonal level

The category that includes the area of the whole zone

  • Service providers from the state level

The level covering the area of the entire state


How does this program work?

In the India Online Award campaign, ordinary people give their votes to their preferred service provider.


What are some ways you can opt to give your vote?

You can vote by using the following methods.

  • Mobile app
  • SMS
  • Social media


How is the result finalized?

Three service providers are chosen based on daily votes received. The winners then get different prizes depending on the number of votes they receive.


How is the India Online Award program helpful for the service providers?

India Online Award program is helpful for the service providers in the following ways:

  • They get financial support by winning prizes.
  • They get encouragement, which helps them to do even better.


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Contact Info

  • Address: 1312, Hemkunt Chambers, Nehru Place, New Delhi -19
    40-GF, Harmony Mall, Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400 104
  • Phone: +91-84343 84343
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