Which is the Best Fingerprint Scanner in India?- 8 Factors to Consider

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Which is the Best Fingerprint Scanner in India?- 8 Factors to Consider
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The most widely used biometric scanners for identification and authentication are fingerprint scanners. As a smartphone lock, access control system, bank verification, etc., it is a part of our daily lives. 


However, if we are asked to choose a fingerprint scanner, confusion will undoubtedly result because there are numerous specifications, types, and brands to consider.


But due to privacy and security issues, the decision must be taken extremely carefully. We'll provide you with some important guidelines for selecting a fingerprint scanner in this blog.

Sensor type

Optical sensor: The most recent optical sensors have surfaces that are highly durable and scratch-free. Today, optical sensors are commonly utilized for access control, ten-print enrollment devices, biology, ATMs, KYC procedures, etc.


Capacitive sensor: It is the slimmest and most portable fingerprint sensor currently available on the market. Applications for capacitive sensors include cellphones, laptops, KYC, biology, ATMs, etc.


Ultrasonic sensor: It is frequently used on smartphones and tablets for onscreen fingerprint scanning and can produce a 3D representation of a fingerprint. These are used in a variety of other applications, including POS terminals, biological equipment, and ATMs.


LES (Light Emitting Sensor): The illumination (fingerprint pattern) created on the sensor is photographed by a TFT camera. Integrated tenprint scanners and other integrated devices employ the relatively recent LES technology.

Device type

There are several different types of fingerprint sensors that are suitable for a range of applications. Select the device type that is best for your application.


OEM Module: They permit designers and producers to include fingerprint scanners in their products. Any electronic equipment can now be biometrically authenticated.


Sensor Module: It is a straightforward and small sensor that, when connected to a computer or smartphone, can remotely scan fingerprints. Greater versatility is provided by its USB connectivity.


Integrated Scanner: A tablet or mobile device created specifically for functions like access control, payment transactions, banking, etc. integrates a fingerprint sensor of any kind.


Tenprint Scanner: A four-finger slap will be more easily absorbed due to its wider surface area! By scanning in a 4-4-2 pattern, it can read and digitalize all ten fingerprints into a single image. It can be used for livescans at airports, citizen enrolment, and law enforcement.

Company Type


Mantra is a native company that is also the unchallenged leader in India's biometrics and RFID industries. Mantra Fingerprint Scanners are used to identify, authenticate, and authenticate a person. 


High precision, higher dependability, and recognition as long-lasting modules for fingerprint authentication are all features of Mantra biometric fingerprint scanners. Their extensive selection of fingerprint scanners consistently provides speedy personality verification with a high level of security. 


Mantra's cutting-edge biometric devices are currently being used by several government programs in India to securely identify and authenticate recipients. These fingerprint scanners have an emphasis on offering the best solutions to a range of clientele in an affordable way.


Morpho fingerprint scanners provide customer security through biometrics by utilizing IDEMIA's specialized optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, which are renowned for their high levels of performance and great robustness worldwide.


Morpho fingerprint scanners are utilized for AEPS, CSC, Jeevan Pramaan, Pay Nearby, eKYC, banking, Ayushmaan Bharat, Nova Pay, or SBI. These fingerprint scanners can be applied to applications and enrollments in industrial, commercial, or governmental settings, as well as logical access control to highly protected desktops or PCs.


Because of their ergonomic design and simple SDK architecture, Cogent optical fingerprint scanners are all FBI App-F certified and perfect for system integrators and solution providers. These fingerprint scanners are utilized for numerous UIDAI Aadhaar authentication and identifying purposes.


Startek fingerprint scanners have a USB Type-C connector, which allows them to be connected to smartphones and used with the AadhaarPAY smartphone software. Additionally, they are made to detect smudged, scarred, soiled, and even stained fingertips. 


You can use these fingerprint scanners with numerous Aadhaar government projects because they are STQC-certified and Aadhaar-enabled. Additionally, they are simple to set up and use and are touted to enable quick scanning with undistorted image quality.


SecuGen has been a leader in optical fingerprint identification technology since it was first introduced in the worldwide biometrics industry in 1998. SecuGen can offer its customers the finest quality advanced fingerprint recognition systems, tools, and platforms along with committed technical support, thanks to its ongoing dedication to research and development in this field.


Since 1999, Nitgen has been producing fingerprint scanners and is currently one of the top biometrics firms. Nitgen creates sensors with a small size and nearly no picture distortion using a special optical design approach. 


The fact that Nitgen's sensors are both ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified demonstrates the company's dedication to offering high-quality products, ensuring customer happiness, and managing the environment.


The PB510 fingerprint scanner by Precision is a top-notch fingerprint scanner that was developed for Aadhaar-based authentication applications including e-KYC, BHIM Aadhaar Pay, e-Sign, e-PDS, ABAS, Jeevan Pramaan, and other Biometric Applications. 

Image quality

The fingerprint scanner should deliver the required level of image quality for use. The image quality measurement is DPI (Dots Per Inch); the more excellent the DPI, the better the image quality. FBI-compliant scanners typically have a minimum resolution of 500 DPI.


It doesn't matter what kind it is; it just needs to work with the hardware and software interface for the application. Nowadays, most devices feature USB ports and combine 4G/3G, Bluetooth, and wi-fi connectivity.

Standards and certifications

To protect the privacy of biometric data, standards and certifications are essential. For image quality and security, fingerprint scanners have received international certifications from the FBI IQS IAFIS (Specification Appendix F), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 


To confirm compatibility and connectivity, you can also verify the CE, FCC, WHQL, and RoHS certifications.


The working environment and the type of applications have an impact on the device's usefulness. To be used in manufacturing and industrial applications, a device must be tough and have an IP rating for water and dust resistance. 


Devices that are slim and stylish are available for biological and remote KYC applications.


The brand's reputation for reliability is the final and most important aspect. The brand should only use authentic certificates. It must offer implementation support, post-purchase services, warranty, and support in addition to brand value.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your application's needs properly will make choosing the right fingerprint scanner quite easy. The list up top may be useful in choosing the best scanner.


In our opinion, Mantra has one of the best fingerprint scanners available in the Indian market.

Radium Box would be the best option if you're seeking a reliable company that can provide a complete line of fingerprint and biometric sensor devices.


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