CS500F Scanner and BMT20 Dual Iris Scanner UID AADHAAR Biometric Kit

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CS500F Scanner and BMT20 Dual Iris Scanner UID AADHAAR Biometric Kit - Biometric Devices - Thales

The Cogent Multi finger Scanner CS

500f features USB 3.0 technology and a faster acquisition speed.

It's a small, FBI App-F certified 10-print device that can handle 4-slaps and rolling acquisition for any application. The most common uses are the issuance of eID documents and criminal identification.

The Cogent Multi finger Scanner CS500f is ideal for system integrators and solution providers because of its ergonomic design and easy-to-integrate SDK architecture. It is also available in the OEM version.

The acquisition technique is facilitated by a user interface based on 12 tri-color LEDs that indicate the fingerprint(s) to be acquired and provide quality feedback, removing the need for expert operators and enhancing workflow efficiency.

To detect false fingers, the scanner can be equipped with a Fake Finger Detection Solution (software-based).


  • Easy to Operate: Intuitive Multi finger Scanner – Acquisition powered by a software interface describing which finger to place and the result of an acquisition.
  • User Interface tri-color LED interface.
  • LFD: Liveness Detection is a patented technology.
  • FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F (FAP60) & Mobile ID Appendix F certified.
  • Simple integration: MultiScan SDK is provided, as well as multi-OS compatibility and an OEM module.
  • Flat & Rolled: It is capable of acquiring both FLAT and ROLLED fingerprints.

CMI Tech BMT-20 Description:-

A binocular-type iris capture and analysis device, the CMI Tech BMT-20 simultaneously and rapidly capture iris biometric images of the highest quality. It is a dual iris scanner for Aadhar. The system is easy to use and requires minimal instructions for the subject to accurately position themselves. In addition, the system can be accurately positioned by a user using the positioning feedback LEDs built into the top of the imager. CMI Tech BMT-20 is suitable for enrollment programs of all sizes, including those that involve very young children.

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  • STQC certified
  • It is convenient and accessible with mirrors and LED indicators.
  • The quality of the product exceeds ISO/IEC 19794-6 specifications for industrial standards.
  • BMT-20 consists of an onboard image processor which supports very high speed.
  • The device is powered by a USB 2.0 connection
  • Spatial resolution exceeds 4.0 lp/mm at a condition of contrast of more than 60%.
  • Pixel resolution:- 18.4 to 20 pixels/mm
  • The pixel resolution of an iris image:- 640 x 480 pixels
  • Captured distance (to forehead)- 0 to 10mm
  • Optical path distance- 350 to 380 mm
  • Interpupillary distance covered- 40 to 90mm
  • Time of capture- Approximately one second
  • Dual LED
  • ISO 19794-6

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