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Morpho Rd Service

Morpho MSO 1300 e3 RD Service Download Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Morpho download for PC and Android updated 2021 software, for ayushman bharat and UTI Pan rd-service download for windows 7 32 bit. To buy on of the best biometric products called Idemia Morpho MSO 1300."
mantra rd service download

Mantra Rd Service

Mantra MFS 100 device RD Service Download
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Mantra device, mantra device price and mantra device registration at one place. Click download driver for Mantra MFS Device Drivers. Before installing you must check Mantra RD Service Registration here."
cogent rd service download

Cogent Rd Service

Cogent CSD 200 RD Services Registration
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"3M Cogent CSD 200 RD Service driver for windows. Kindly follow below link to purchase Cogent 3M CSD200 biometric device and to register rd service with payment of RD registration fee."
startek rd service download

Startek Rd Service

Startek Rd Service Registration
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Startek FM220U Driver download, Download all types of Startek rd driverStartek FM220 RD Service Software - Windows (Support Tools), Startek FM220 RD Service Software - Android (Direct) to buy new devices click below."
secugen rd service download

Secugen Rd Service

Secugen India RD Service Download
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Secugen India rdservice driver download SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 RD Service - Windows, SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 RD Service - Android, Pro 20 - Device Driver Installation and Testing Guide & Secugen 20 Support Driver"
iritech rd service download

Iritech Rd Service

Iritech Device RD Service Downloads
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Iritech single iris scanner MK 2120 U and MK 2120UL of IrishieldIritech Iris scanner MK2120U & Iritech BK2121U Device Serial Number extractor also get Android download installation service from Radium Box."
mantra_iris rd service download

Mantra Iris RD Service

Mantra Test Iris MIS 100 Device RD Service
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Mantra Softech Iris MIS 100 registration service for Ayushmaan bharat and CSC, you can download in very easy steps Download Mantra MIS100V2 Driver for Windows, RD Service for Android APK."
enbio rd service download

Nitgen RD Service

Bioenable Nitgen HFDU08 Device RD Service
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"RD Service test for Bioenable Nitgen HFDU 08, download drivers here and contact Radium Box for RD Service installation. Contact us for Nitgen customer care services also."
presion rd service download
Precision Biometric RD Service
Precision biometric pb510 rdservice
Register Now Buy Now Download Driver
"Precision biometric solution for PB 510 RDService registration for fingerprint scanner in Windows 8 and 10. You may also buy precision finger print device at best price to click below."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RD Service?

RD Service is transformation of your biometric device such as fingerprint device or iris scanner into L0 Registered Device comparision to Public device. This ensures a secure communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions using Aadhaar.

Is RD Service registration is required?

RD Service registration is Mandatory as per norms and new guidelines of UIDAI - Gov. of India.

What type of documents has been released from UIDAI regarding L0 L1 RDServices?

Document on RDService from UIDAI Authentication API 2.0 specification can be read here - Link.
The RDService Registered Device Specification can be read here - Link.

From where I could register my biometric fingerprint device as RD Service?

You could register your fingerprint scanner such as Morpho MSO 1300e/e2/e3, Cogent CSD 200/200i, Mantra MFS 100, StarTek FM220 from Radium Box by following this link.

How much does it costs for the RD Service Registraion Biometric device?

Fees of RD Service registration depends upon the tenure of the service optd for, such as for year and the type and Model of your device, you have to pay Rs. 290 to Rs. 900 depending upon said factors.

What type of information required for the registration of the biometric device?

Device Name, Model No. and serial number of device is mandatory requirement for RD Service Registration in addition with KYC details of the buyer.

From where I could get the said serial no. of the device I am using?

Device serial number could be find at the back side of the device and you could follow this link to understnd better.

How would we know that our Device has been whitelisted / mapped / registered?

You will receive a notification about registration status of you device over the email or SMS both.

What is the process of registration of Morpho under RD Service after getting confirmation notification of whitelisting?

The steps involved in RD Service installation process are really simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Download and install Register an account
  2. In case of Cogent CSD 200 you will have to put in the OTP
  3. If you are biometric device is not listed in server of OEM you may get error of "Sent to OEM" from our side, it means you will have to wait for additional 7 to 10 day's
  4. The next step is the approval step, which usually takes about 3 to 7 day's.
How much time it will take to get registered?

Here, approximately at Radium Box , we take very minimal time, 90% of cases mostly done within 24 to 72 working hours, regardless of any restrictions, such as Device Name, Model Number, etc.

Why get RD Service from Radium Box?

There are a number of reasons why you should join us:

  • We are the authorised distributor of all leading OEM of Biometric devices such as Mantra, Morpho, Cogent, StarTek, Secugen, Nitgen etc.
  • Fast response/approval times. We do on fastest time.
  • We make our best effort in to resolve all types of critical cases where even OEM denies in prima facy .
What are the payment options for RD Service Online?

The best way to transfer funds is via PayU. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.

What type of devices currently available for RD Service at Radium Box online?

Currently we are providing services for Idemia OT Safran Sagem Morpho MSO 1300 e e2 e3, Cogent CSD 200, Mantra MFS 100, StarTek FM 220, Secugen Hamster Pro 20.

What type of devices currently available for RD Service at Radium Box online?

There are a number of reasons behind RD Service or Registered devices Service which point a remedy to erase the use of stored biometrics in the cache. In comparison to public devices RD Service has following features-

A. Identification of Biometric Devices – RD Service registration allows us to track the use of Aadhaar, Identification of users and able us to get the analysis of data to get rid of frauds related to Aadhaar.
B. Purging of stored biometric data – RD Service Online also allows us to delete, eliminate or purge the stored biometric data of residents which will ensure that all data will be encrypted in the transit for the validation under Aadhaar and during signing withing the biometric device at the time of live data capturing of Indian residents.
C. Certification - RD Service ensure the certification of biometric device by OEM via their Management Server. It actually authenticate the device credibility and ensure its capability of purging for fraud management.

How to register rd service?

For registration of rd service, you will have a genuine STQC certified biometric device and its serial number. You will have to contact your seller or OEM or you may visit the Radium Box RD Service Registration page where you will have to pay a small fee. You will have to give your contact details and email ID. After registration, you will receive an email and SMS and you may use your biometric device for Aadhaar authentication. 

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