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  • eNBioScan-C1 HFDU08,

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BioEnable Nitgen RD Service Renewal is the feature of issuing a digital certificate to handle the security concerns of UIDAI Authentication.

Nitgen eNBioScan-C1 (HFDU08) SQTC Certified UIDAI authentication device RD Service recharge also provides the core functionality of biometric capture. The UIDAI server, on the other hand, provides the functionality of authenticating the biometric data captured by the RD service against its own database.

The device needs to be registered with the Nitgen Management Server as well as with UIDAI before it can be used for Aadhaar based authentication.

TNitgen eNBioScan-C1 HFDU08 FDU 08 Scanner for Aadhaar Pay is an STQC Certified, UIDAI Authentication Device which is a host device electronic mechanism that creates a secure link in the Aadhaar authentication ecosystem. These devices collect personal identity data (PID) from Aadhaar holders, prepare the information for the transmission, send the authentication packets for authentication and receive the authentication results.

Nitgen RD Service FAQ's
Is network of NitGen is Proxy Enabled, is proxy server is supported by UIDAI for RDservice?

Yes, RDservice supports Proxy, it supports Password based Proxy, you will just have to enter IP and port of the Proxy server in applications config file. Just install a utility “SetProxyAuth.exe” which will be available in RD Service for using password based proxy, then it will accept username and password and the password will be saved also securely.

How to resolve following error - Unable to resolve management Server Or Our network does not allow DNS resolutions to unknowns sites?

These errors are occurs, when RD service is not able to resolve the IP address of management server. In such cases, you need to add our IP address under your DNS servers, or you can follow following steps to get it working on the local computer.

What are the compatible browsers?

Supported browsers - IE 9/10/11, Mozilla Firefox

What are the functions of Management Server?

The Management server is the bridge in between RDService and UIDAI Server it actually helps in authenticating of biometric device.

  1. Device Register DeRegister Management
  2. Key Rotation Management
  3. Versioning Update Management
  4. UIDAI Public key and Certification Management
  5. Devices and Customer Repository Management
  6. RDService & Device Authenticating Management (with Access Token and OTP)

Nitgen RD Service Downloads

Nitgen eNBioScan C1 (HFDU08) RD Service Driver  - Windows
Nitgen eNBioScan C1 (HFDU08) RD Service Driver - Windows

Download RD Service Driver for Nitgen eNBioScan C1 (HFDU08) FBI SQTC Certified Fingerprint Biometric Scanner - Window... More Details

Bioenable software Nitgen device
Bioenable software Nitgen device

bioenable software Nitgen device... More Details

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