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What is SEO Audit?

You can think of the SEO Audit as a method that helps you assess a website's ability to rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The Audit Process is complete when each auditing list is checked to find underlying issues. Once an issue is identified, an SEO expert would need to come up with a solution to fix that problem and help the page appear in the search engine.

Website Audit SEO Services

SEO Audit is compared with producing a report card for your site to understand its googleability. Your site could be the best in the world but still might not appear in the top search result. This can be extremely frustrating when you are spending all necessary resources in the hope of reaching the ranking goal.

For starters, you can check your SEO Ranking through SEO Checker. But that is just the tip of an iceberg that is not going to take your website anywhere.It would help if you had an effective SEO Plan in place. This is where SEO Audit comes into play.It lets you identify all the underlying weaknesses of the website.

Factors to consider while Auditing

Before you start making disruptive changes with no guaranteed result, consider having an Effective Strategy in place. An SEO Audit can improve your website's innumerable things and help it reach the top in a short time.

But this is where the problem lies. Most analysts conduct an SEO Audit to get a good ranking. They miss all other critical elements that come in the way.

Everyone wants to reach the top. But only a few succeed.

Do you know the reason?

Because most businesses fail to focus on various complex aspects of SEO audit at the same time. These factors, when synced together, is the key to successful SEOAuditing, but at the same time, complex to execute.

Before you delve into the advanced level, you need to start working on your technical SEO framework. And more often than not, businesses are not really sure where to begin from. Like any other technical approach, an SEO audit requires you to follow certain steps that help you stand out in the crowd.

Step 1: Only one Browsable Site

The first aspect to check is whether your site is browsable through multiple addresses or one. If your answer is a ladder, then you are one step closer to your SEO Audit success. For instance, let us consider all the ways your site can be reached from:

Out of all these addresses, your site should be reached through only one. The rest should direct to the 301 canonical version.

Step 2: Website Crawling

Website crawling would help in indexing your website in the search engines. Your Website will be optimized that can be easily crawledby the crawlers of respective search engines. This gives an insight into how your website performs based on its structure and current SEO set up.

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