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Digital Signature for CBSE Schools
Digital Signature for CBSE Schools
Digital Signature Certificates for CBSE Schools

CBSE Notification - For Principals / Head of Institutions affiliated to CBSE. All Private Schools, Goverment Schools or Schools run by Trust / Society or any type of Schools will Require Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for uploading of List of Candidates (LOC) and Registration data for the session 2020-2021. Radium Box is authorised Registration Authority (RA)to obtain the digital signature of the Principal / Head of Schools under the category "Organization" and "B" class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Digital Signature is required for CBSE Schools to upload LOC?

You will need a B type Class 2 Organisation Certificate.

What is Type B Digital Signature?

Type B Digital Signature denotes that it has been issued to a Organisation. 

Is it mandatory to get Digital Signature in USB tokens?

Yes, It is mandatory.

What type of Schools will require Digital Signature?

All types of Schools will need Digital Signature who are affiliated from CBSE, whether they are Private Schools, Government Schools or run by a Trust or Society.

Can I still buy Class 2 Digital Signature?

Class 2 Digital Signature is now obsolete from 1st January so you can’t use in India, buy instread Class 3.

How digital signature created?

A digital signature can be created as aadhaar based paperless DSC, pan based paperless DSC, GST based paperless DSC

For all of them e-KYC of individual/organization required, depends on the type of DSC 

For complete procedure, please call/whatsApp-+91 84343 84343

How digital signature works?

Digital signature works to provide you high level of security for your online transactions by guaranteeing absolute privacy.

How digital signature used?

Digital signature most popularly used for signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, MCA, and other government websites. e-commerce documents, legal documentation, MCA e-filing, Income Tax e-filing, LLP registration, GST application, IE code registration, Form 16, E-tendering, Patent and trademark e-filing, MCA e-filing, Customs e-filing, E-procurement, E-biding, E-auction and sharing documents that are highly confidential and contains information that needs to be protected. 

How digital signature looks like?

Digital signature looks identical to pan paper signature, 

Why digital signature required?

Digital signature adopted by various government agencies & is a statutory requirement of various applications.

Digital signature required to assurance of non-repudiation.

//Digital signature requires authenticating your identity electronically.

Which type of digital signature is best?

Digital signature is the best way to authenticate your data in encrypted form.

For further query mail your requirement to

How many algorithm digital signature consist of?

Features of digital signature

cost saving


strengthening security


secure authentication


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