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Best Biometric Devices in IGR Maharashtra
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What is a Biometric Device?

Biometric is unique human characteristics linked with fingerprint, iris, palms, etc. This unique feature is used to identify a person digitally or electronically. The gadget that helps to record and identify such features is referred to as a Biometric device.

Each of these features is sometimes used in combination. This ensures more accurate and robust digital security for confidential data.

Why Should you Use Biometric Protection?

A survey conducted by Ping Identity revealed 92 percent of businesses consider biometric as an effective system. It helps in providing unbreachable security ranking from useful to very effective. Further, 86% of companies claimed that biometric help to protect data stored in the public cloud. However, companies need to be careful while rolling a Biometric authentication system. A survey conducted by Spiceworks was based on the risk associated with Biometric protection. It disclosed 48% of companies consider biometric data as a top security risk with technology.

Four Primary Biometric Features used By Indian Government

Fingerprint Recognition: Valleys and ridges found on the tips of the fingers. It is a primary recognition method in India and used in various Government schemes. It provides robust digital protection and makes the entire process fast, seamless and efficient.

Face Recognition: It used a unique pattern of facial features. The features thus recorded act as a digital password unique to an individual. Most face recognition uses local features or eigenfaces.

Eye – Retina Recognition: It records a unique pattern of veins in the back of the eye for recognition.

Who uses Biometric in India?

The largest demand for Biometric in Indian Market comes from Central and State government. Various e-Governance applications in India are based on Biometrics. Some of these applications are:

·         E-Passport

·         UIDAI

·         NPR

·         PDS

·         RSBY

·         Transport department for issuing or renewing of Driving licenses

·         JevaanPramaan Yojana for Pensioners

Importance of Verification, Recognition, and Identification in Biometrics

Biometric recognition is facilitated in an automated process by recording unique features. It means that machines-based system is adopted for documenting and storing these unique features of each individual. In verification, the request for a transaction is assessed by enrolment. It would either except for reject the request based on input provided.

The verification process is vital in the entire Biometric authentication activity. A decision in the verification process is vital if either it accepts a false claim or rejects valid claims.

How to Measure Biometric Accuracy?

Accuracy of Biometric depends on multiple test series. These series are as follows:

·         Technology Evaluation: It assesses the accuracy of the matching algorithm

·         Scenario Evaluation: Evaluation in a mock environment

·         Operational Evaluation: It indicates onsite live testing of the gadget.

After successful completion of all text, users would have access to a high-precision device with a low failure rate.

Future of Biometric Technology

Biometrics are rapidly becoming a part of day-to-day e-authentication processes. Integration of the device with mobile devices helps the consumer to interact with its features on a daily basis. The future of biometric trends lies in banking service, marketing research, and medicine. It would also become an integral part of industries that demands personal identification. Plastic cards would soon start to disappear after biometric systems take over the market. The future biometric would be simpler than what it is today.

Factors Causing the Biometric System to Fail

Some common factors are hardware or computer failure. However, biometric failure can also be caused by poor biometric samples. Other factors include evasion, user confusion, inadequate or excessive lighting, subject handicaps, or dirty sensor.

Budget-Friendly and High-Quality Biometric Devices Available in IGR Maharashtra

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is a fingerprint scanner that comes with FAB 20 technology. It is primarily used in Jeevan Pramaan, AADHAAR authentication, CSC, AEPS, with smart capture and auto-on feature.

SecuGen Hamster is an FBI certified fingerprint scanner. It is the best available biometric devices in IGR Maharashtra comes in an ultra-compact size.

It is featured with the most durable and water-resistant optical sensor technology. Hamster Pro is primarily used by the Central and State Government of India for authentication and identification. It helps in storing fingerprints as a digital password that cannot be forgotten or stolen.

Hamster Pro is purchased from a radium box for a reasonable price. Radium Box ensures fast and quick delivery of the product. It can be delivered to any location situated in IGR Maharashtra. 

Hamster Pro comes with rugged and advanced sensors patented by SEIT fingerprint biometric technology. It facilitates several functions such as online payment with an EMI facility. Auto on features detects fingerprint as soon as it is placed on the sensor.

Hamster Pro comes offers is USB supported fingerprint scanner certified with FIPS 201 and Mobile ID FAP requirements.

It can be sued for GST project, AADHAAR Authentication, Jeevan Pramaan, digital signatures. It is also used for BSNL, Airtel, and Jio authentication purposes.

It comes with advanced U20 sensors that detect fake fingerprints for robust security.

Benefits of SecuGen Fingerprint Readers

·         It can be installed with any Windows PC. It comes in multiple warranty duration ranging between one to three years. Using proven and reliable technology, it is easily connected with mobile, desktop, network and internet environments.

·         It eliminates the hassle of password overload, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches.

·         Fingerprint once recorded, cannot be lost, stolen, or forgotten.

Best Seller of Fingerprint Scanner in IGR Maharashtra

Radium Box is an authenticated partner and distributor of SecuGen Hamster Pro 20. Devices can be purchased for a highly competitive price range. The payment amount may vary depending on additional services availed from the website. A single unit of Hamster Pro 20 is priced between Rs. 2779 to Rs. 4305 owing to additional service.

Registration of SecuGen Scanner

Hamster Pro 20 is certified for an AADHAAR authentication process. Registered device (RD) service of the device can be done through Radium Box official website for a small additional cost. Tap/Click Here to apply for RD service from Radium Box.

It comes with Pre-Installed Drivers that enable the device to be instantly connected with any desktop or Android.

Drivers can be downloaded from Radium Box’s official Website by Tapping/Clicking Here.



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