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Jeevan Pramaan Yojana : A Government Initiative for Aged Public Sector Employees
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What is Jeevan Pramaan?


Jeevan Pramaan is a Biometric enabled digital service for Pensioners.

Public servants working under central, state, or any other government organization can benefit from this facility. India has more than one crore, eligible pensioners.

Most of the pensioner's family are solely dependent on pension distributed by the government. It forms the basis for their sustainability and income. Pensioners are required to provide proof of existence every year to keep receiving their pensions.

The proof of existence is usually referred to as a life certificate. Using Jeevan Pramaan, pensioners can digitally send their life certificates to pension distributing bodies. It saves the hassle of standing in long queues, which is especially challenging for aged pensioners above sixty years.

Eligibility for availing Jeevan Pramaan


Employees serving for a minimum of ten years under the Pension Rules are entitled to a pension. Pension starts to reach their bank account as soon as they retire.


General eligibility criteria, however, are discussed below:


  • ·    Only pensioners can Apply.
  • ·    Applicants must have served Central or State Government.
  • ·    Applicants must possess Adhaar Card at the time of enrollment.
  • ·   Adhaar number must be provided to respective Pension distributing body for registration.


Benefits Obtained from Jeevan Pramaan

Earlier, pensioners needed to be physically present in the respective agency. The entire process was lengthy and burdensome to elderly pensioners. Jeevan Pramaan was introduced to ease all the challenges of the pension enrollment process.

It provides the benefit of digitally submitting the Life Certificate. Physical presence in pension distributing agency is eliminated. It provides convenience to the elderly pensioners above the age of sixty.

It also mitigates the risks of all fraudulence activities relating to the Pension distributing process.

Right Time to Enroll

Jeevan Pramaan registration facilitates the applicant with a unique ID and is a one-time process. Applicants must send all relevant documents before 20th November every year.

Fingerprint Scanning: A Robust Digital Security

Fingerprint Scanning is the process of digitally recording and storing human fingerprints. The image thus recorded is referred to as a finger image. It has become the most effective way of providing a secure password.

Fingerprint passwords are difficult to hack and provide maximum online security of confidential data. Today, Fingerprint Scanning and recognition technology have become the face of unmatched security. It offers supreme and unbreachable data protection to its users.

It is usually done through the Biometric device. It is needed while enrolling for Jeevan Pramaan. After the scanning, the Life Certificate is digitally sent to the pension distributing body and acts as proof of existence.

Biometric-enabled protection ensures a seamless and much easier way of receiving a pension.

Biometric System: Primary Technology of Digital Protection

What is Biometrics?

It is a measure adopted to record and store the biological features of a person. The features usually include fingerprints, palm, or Iris identification.

Use of Biometric Devices for Jeevan Pramaan Registration

JeevanPramaan utilized the Aadhaar verified Biometric information to generate Digital Life Certificate. After a successful generation, Digital Life certificate is stored in the respective Repository.

What makes Biometric devices so Dependable?

Biometric devices come with several benefits and offer unbreachable data protection. Some other benefits that these devices typically provide are as follows:


It provides a high accuracy while electronically recording unique human features. Documents protected with the biometric password cannot be easily hacked or easily accessed.


Biometrics helps in recording and storing biological features within minutes.

As a result, these devices are super productive and save a lot of time.

Does not need to Memorize

Companies using Biometric do not have to memorize complex passwords or pins. Because with biometric protection, the person himself becomes the password.

With Biometrics, no one can gain access to personal data at any cost.

Best Biometric Device for Jeevan Pramaan

Mantra MFS 100 is a premium and durable Biometric device. It comes with pre-installed drivers thereby enabling users to connect the device with any desktop or smartphone. It assists in network security by recording fingerprinting in a time-efficient and convenient way.


All Mantra gadgets are manufactured and produced in India and thus align with the Government's Make in India' Concept.MFS 100 has a sturdy and rugged appearance and exceptionally durable in use. It offers a cost-effective advantage.


Mantra MFS 100 comes with International Certifications including STQC, UIDAI, ISO, and ANSI, making it a risk-free investment option. Growth in Aadhaar registration has increased the demand for affordable and durable biometric devices.

With MFS 100, customers can execute the entire biometric authentication process and obtain accurate results.

Registered Device through Radium Box

Radium Box is an official dealer and distributor of Mantra MFS 100 and offers the products at very competitive prices.

Mantra Biometric Metric Software can be easily downloaded from Radium Box’s Download Page. It also provides RD service registration that can be availed for a nominal fee. After availing RD service from Radium Box, you will be sent a unique link for the registered device service.

After submitting the KYC details with your Mantra MFS 100 serial number, you will receive your unique registration number. Our Customer and Installation Support can be reached Monday to Saturdayfrom 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M via WhatsAppEmail, Ticket, or any social media.

Mantra MFS 100 can be purchased for Rs. 1899 from our website. Device registration services can be availed for an additional small price. RD is compulsory while enrolling for any government facility and its authentication processes. All registered devices need to be renewed every year.

It is a process using which, the Biometric Device is registered with the OEM server. After registering, pensioners can easily verify their Jeevan Pramaan authenticationRD service has become a mandate for all government schemes and enrollments such as AEBAS, Rent Agreement IGR, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long is the warranty Duration on MFS 100?

Ans: All devices come with a one-year warranty. However, customers have the option to get an extended warranty from Radium Box for a nominal fee.

Q2: Does OTG cable comes with the Device?

Ans: Yes, OTG cable is included in the box.

Q3: Is RD service available throughout the life cycle of Device?

Ans: Yes, Radium box facilitates RD service, which can be renewed every year for a nominal fee.

Q3: Is the device Travel Friendly?

Ans: MSF 100 is a portable device and comes in a pocket-friendly size. It makes the device convenient to travel.

Q4: Does it Support Wireless Device?

Ans: No, it would not function with wireless devices. However, MFS 100 be connected with any Smartphone or desktop using an OTG cable.

Q5:  How can you link the Device with Android or Desktop?

Ans: Device is linked with smartphones through an App that needs to be downloaded from Radium box's download page. 



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