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Day Hydro ( Daily Moisturising Lotion ) - Cosmetic - Radium Box

Day Hydro (Daily Moisturizing Lotion) is mainly for dry skin to keeps it looking smooth, graceful and hydrated for a long time.

It is an oil free moisturizer can be used with or without makeup to add extra smoothness.Using of Day Hydro after cleaning your skin to keep it hydrated.

It is free of harmful substances like Gluten, GMO, also 0% Soy.It offer optimum effect to severe dry skin.

It is excellent for elbow, hands & feet, Day Hydro body lotion provides deep nourishment to skin by enhancing the skin's own moisture network to give 48 hour moisturisation with just one use. It smoothes away the dullness of skin.

Radiumbox Day Hydro (Daily Moisturizing Lotion) helps to reconstitute the deficient hydrolipidic film of the skin.

It works by infusing your cells with water and makes it smooth, soft & well hydrated.

  • Radiumbox review
    krishka gurjar

    Nice Product For your Body Skin

  • Radiumbox review
    Ritika singh

    It is free of harmful substances like Gluten etc..

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