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Evox X1 Pro Long Range License Free Walkie Talkie - Mobile & Tablets - Radium Box

The Evox Walkie Talkies, a premium communication solution tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and adventurous families. Specifically designed to enhance communication in the great outdoors, these walkie talkies offer a superior experience, ensuring crystal-clear communication over extended distances and in diverse environments.

With an impressive range of up to 2 kilometers, the Evox Walkie Talkies guarantee seamless connectivity, even in the most remote and challenging terrains. This feature is particularly valuable for groups exploring expansive outdoor landscapes, providing a reliable means to stay connected and coordinate activities effectively.

Boasting 16 channels, these walkie talkies offer a versatile communication experience, allowing users to choose the most suitable channel for their needs. Whether it's coordinating a hiking trail, organizing a camping site, or keeping tabs on family members, the Evox Walkie Talkies provide a wide range of communication options to accommodate various scenarios.

One of the features of the Evox Walkie Talkies is the inclusion of a powerful 4500 MAH rechargeable battery.  This built-in battery ensures 28 hours of continuous use eliminating concerns about running out of power during outdoor adventures. The convenience of a rechargeable battery not only enhances sustainability but also contributes to a hassle-free experience allowing users to focus on their outdoor activities without the worry of constantly changing batteries.

  • Evox presents the X1 Pro, a long-range license-free walkie-talkie with a 3.5 km range and an impressive 36-hour battery life.

  • Identified as the X1PRO, this walkie-talkie is sleekly designed in black, combining style with functionality.

  • With a range spanning 3.5 km, the X1 Pro ensures reliable communication over considerable distances.

  • Offering versatility, it provides 4 channels to cater to diverse communication needs.

  • Operating on UHF wavebands, it delivers efficient communication without digital complexities.

  • Supporting a frequency range of 446 MHz, the X1 Pro ensures clear and interference-free communication.

  • Equipped with hands-free and VOX support, it accommodates convenient and hands-free communication.

  • While not water-resistant, its durable design ensures reliability in various environments.

  • With 16 keys, the X1 Pro incorporates advanced technology, including programming protection, wide/narrow selectable options, busy channel lock, voice prompt, TOT (Timeout Timer), VOX, and scan functionality.

  • Powered by a 0.5 W output the X1 Pro operates on DC 7.4V and is fueled by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life of 48 hours. Its dimensions measuring 176 mm in width, 60 mm in height, and 258 mm in depth ensure a compact and portable design. Covered by a one-year warranty, it includes coverage for circuit and battery backup issues, with exclusions for physical, water, fire damage, etc. Warranty services encompass repair or replacement as needed.

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