IriTech MK 2120UL RD Registration AMC Driver Software Installation Support Service

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IriTech MK 2120UL RD Registration AMC Driver Software Installation Support Service - RD Service - Radium Box

IriTech's IriShield MK 2120UL RD Service Registration- Get registered you single Iris Scanner of IriTech MK 2120UL for updating to L0 services to strengthen the PKI based security infrastructure that will ensure an end to end security. IriTech's IriSheild 2120 UL is capture good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. The embedded algorithms can complete a matching query against 1,000 stored templates in 0.5 seconds.

Register your single fingerprint biometric device  IriTech's IriShield MK 2120UL as per norms of RD Service registration according to UIDAI AADHAAR for authentication of biometric data. Radium Box is one of the top  RD Service Registration service provider in India with One Year, Two Year, Three Year and Life Time options. We have a dedicated team of Registered Device Services. We also provide AMC / Warranty services for your biometric device of IriTech's IriShield MK 2120UL for better-extended peace.  

Why do you need to register your biometric device? As per UIDAI norms, you just need to register for RD Service. Your device may ask for an activation code, or you may get an error message for Registration of Iritech  Device.

Radium Box RD Service Portal. Radium Box is authorized distributor of IriTech's IriShield MK 2120U. You will have to fill the form and pay a registration fee for the RD Service. You could also select the extended warranty service.

  • Palak Gurjar

    this device Iritech RD service register year. thank you for radium box easy to use fingerprint device and fast delivery

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