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  • eParakh EP 1000,

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Biomatiques® Iris Scanner RD Service

The functionality of registering a Biomatiques® Iris Scanner RD Service Registration of biometric device and issuing a device certificate is handled by the Device Provider.

The RD Service also provides the core functionality of biometric capture. The UIDAI server, on the other hand, provides the functionality of authenticating the biometric data captured by the RD service against its own database.

The device needs to be registered with the Biomatiques Iris Scanner Management Server as well as with UIDAI before it can be used for Aadhaar based authentication.

This will be done automatically by the RD Service software and generally does not require any user intervention. The RD Service Management Client also provides ways to activate a device manually if required.

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Biomatiques RD Service (Model: EPI-1000)
Biomatiques RD Service (Model: EPI-1000)

Download Biomatiques RD Service (Model: EPI-1000) Driver download from radiumbox... More Details

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