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RD Service Online for Morpho Mantra Cogent StarTek

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner RD Service Registered in Easy Steps

IriTech 2120 U UL, Morpho MSO 1300 e e2 e3, Nitgen 08, Cogent CSD 200, Mantra MFS 100 MIS

You are at right place if you are searching for RD Services Online or RD Recharge or Registered Services or you can say OTP of Aadhaar Biometric devices, weather old legacy device or purchased as new recently. As now a day's UIDAI Gov. of India is much focusing on security of Aadhaar as it is going to be integrated with each and every government programmes soon weather Voter ID Card, Driving Licence or ATM Machines, so every biometric device of any company such as Morpho (MSO 1300 E/ E2/ E3), Mantra (MFS 100, 200, TAB), Gemalto 3M Cogent (CSD 200, CIS202, CS500e), Secugen (Hamster Pro), Nitgen, StarTek (FM220), Nitgen eNBioScan-C1 (HFDU08), Iritech IriShield MK 2120U, Digital Persona U are U 4500 etc. Your morpho scl rd service online device may ask for the activation code but after activation Morpho device will stop asking Activation Key. Please follow this link for RD Service Morpho User manual for Windows. UIDAI government of India has instructed to use "Registered Devices Service" (RD Service) for Biometric Authentication, so all devices which were used on or before 30th September 2017 will be treated as Public Device and will not be secured and become stranded. For all biometric devices such as Morpho MSO 1300 e e2 e3, Mantra MFS 100, Cogent CSD 200, StarTek FM 220, Secugen Hamster PRO 20, Nitgen eNBioScan-C1 08 (HFDU08), Iritech IriShield MK 2120 U UL, Crossmatch Digital Persona U are U 4500, Precision PB 510, Next Biometrics NB 3023 U, Syncbyte Microconn MC01, Tatvik TMF 20 etc. weather used on any client application and using API of Aadhaar should require to install RD Service and get the activation of RD Service from us.S Radium Box is offering Aadhaar Registered Device RD Services for STQC Certified Biometrics Devices to be used under UIDAI, Gov. of India under Information Technology Act, 2000, Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 (“Aadhaar Act”). For frequently asked questions about RD Services please click this Link

This is applicable for all Biometric Devices weather Legacy, Old or newly purchased device from Radium Box or any other seller. Radium Box is the Authorised Licence Key provider for all types of Biometric Devices including Single Fingerprint Scanner Device, Slap Fingerprint Scanner, Single Iris Scanner, Dual Iris Scanner, Face Detection Biometric Devices etc. All Authentication User Agencies (AUA), Authentication Service Agencies (ASA) and all STQC Certified device providers should comply with the UIDAI Guideline to implement RD Service.

What is L0 Devices? – A biometric device if the signing and encryption did in the software at host level for Aadhaar authentication.

What is L1 Device? – If signing and encryption of the biometric device being executed within the Trusted Environment due to which restricts leakage of private key?

What is Registered Device Service or RD Service Online? - RD Services Online or Registered Devices a service which encrypts the capture of each biometric authentication with signing and encryption of biometric environment.In respect of existing biometric devices and new devices, we will help in migrating such devices to L0 compliance level with RD Services and up gradation of device driver software or biometric firmware upgrading as per UIDAI. Radium Box is charging for Management Server operations which will be chargeable to the Purchaser at a fixed price. The commercial terms of arrangements within this entire option are to be mutually agreed between Radium Box a Device Provider and Purchaser.

Device Provider shall be responsible to provide devices and associated software described above as per the specifications issued by UIDAI which will be STQC certified. While the Device Provider will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all security standards specified by UIDAI are met to prevent breaches such as replay attack and key compromise, the Device Provider shall be liable only for damages, if any, if it is established that such breaches have been caused due to an intentional breach on the part of Device Provider or due to non compliance of the devices and associated components to the existing standards. The biometric scanner device will be deployed in Purchaser environment or an environment controlled/influenced by Purchaser. The Purchaser shall be responsible for maintaining the requisite level of security and related measures to prevent security breaches, including but not limited to preventing replay attacks, compromise of device keys, keeping the environment clean of rogue applications, malware, virus etc which may either adversely affect the functioning of software provided by device provider or which may try to hack / disrupt the functioning of such software to cause a security breach.

Standard terms and condition for device upgrade:-

  1. Any other applicable Taxes shall be charged extra and on actual basis.
  2. This will cover the device upgrade, Key Rotation to comply with UIDAI Registered Devices and that to Level 0 only.
  3. For extending OEM warranty against manufacturing defects you will have to pay extra. Exclusions to this are any damages caused by mishandling, any burns, corrosion or any damages caused by exposure to chemicals, fire, water, etc
  4. Candidates have to fill all the relevant details very carefully, there is no provision of edit and submit button. Candidate can edit his/her registration details as many times as he/she wishes, however, once the details filled by him/her are submitted, then no further change (s) shall be permitted.
  5. Payment Terms - 100% in advance.

Functions of the Registered RD Service Online:

  • Provide a API to call the AUA (Authentication User Agency) application.
  • Registration of Biometric Devices as norms of UIDAI.
  • Installation of updates.
  • Sigining of biometric data with private key of biometric device.
  • Signing and issuance of device certificate.

Things to do:

  1. Click on the link of given form below and fill the form.

  2. Pay the scheduled fee.

  3. Follow the instruction given in the confirmation email which you will receive.

  4. Inform us via email in case of any discrepancies.

Your device will be registered within 3 to 7 official wokring days.

View the source code by clicking on the "Source" button above The RD Services application facilitates registration of biometric devices with Management server and issues digital signature certificates for UIDAI. RD Service help in detection of good biometric capture.


First you have to download Test Application of biometric device online from Radium Box or Google Play Store for Android.

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